I'm Back

I'm the resilient type :) I'm not about to let some crazy a$$hole interrupt my life. However, I think you can expect much less personal content and much more knitting content and really how many of you are gonna cry about that?

So for those of you on Ravelry, how awesome is the favorites thing? I LOVE the feeling I get when someone marks an item I have created as a favorite. It gives me a little boost and while favorite does not really mean "favorite" in the traditional sense (above all others) and more just "I like that!", the fact that someone likes it enough to mark it as such feels fantastic. Especially items I created on my own.

I have written and rewritten several sentences here but they all sounded SUPER corny and fish-y so I'm just gonna say. It feels good!

On the actual knitting front. I have created (just missing some buttons) a face mask at the special request of a cousin. Her face gets cold on her bike but she doesn't want the whole ski mask thing. I will post pictures (need to do the buttons tonight first) later, then you can find it on ravelry as well. It is basically a long rectangle with ribbing on the edges and buttons in the back to just cover the lower half of the face.

I made a hat for a co-worker, forgetting to take pics and she is out to sea right now so sorry about that. Another co-worker found out about two hats I made and asked me yesterday to make one for him. I hate being asked to create things. I just like to do it and have them love it surprised. When people ask, they usually have something in mind and I feel like I'm on a deadline which means it will NEVER get done. Anyway, it's on the list now.

I also started a top-down earflap hat for sister #3. It is from a nice blue-y green alpaca blend. Of course I have no pattern so we will have to see how it turns out.


little hiatus

I got some really bad news about a close friend of mine and I am having a hard time dealing with it. And as a result of the recent events I have decided I don't want to broadcast too much personal info on the web right now. So I am going to take a short blogging hiatus while I figure out how to deal with these recent events.

To tide you over, I started a hat (sorry I don't have any pics but it is patons merino and cabled) and I finished the first of my tofutsies socks. I'm unhappy with the sock but I'm going to try blocking it and see if it comes out better.

I also got good news regarding a friend having another baby. Congratulations!


Who needs three sets of size 1 dpns? I do I do!

I have done some shopping. I needed size 1 dpns to restart the Pomatomus sock I ripped out. So I got to looking around kPixie.com and found some more Tofutsies that I just had to have. I really like this yarn.

Well before this package arrived from kPixie I found out on monday that there was more than one size 1 dpn. I panicked and then figured I would go by Joanne's and look to see if they had the same size 1s that I used the first time. They did. So now I have three sets of size 1 dpns (woot). Screw pattern monogamy I can make three pairs of socks at a time now. haha.

Well while I was there I saw a few things I just had to have. I love Patons Classic Wool Merino yarns and I found a few colorways that just jumped at me. One called Forest that looks like it will look camou-y.And another that just looked like a lot of fun, but too much fun for more than one skein. It is called harvest and I think you can understand where I am coming from.

I also saw this fantastic colorway in TLC Baby which I hate as a yarn but the color was so attractive I had to have it. It is Neapolitan and it just looks soo good. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and knit and wash it up before I decide I don't like it :)

Branching Out has come off the blocking boards. Here's the final pic for you.
I wore it to knitting with my friend Susan on Wednesday to show it off and get an idea of what it performs like. It still folds along the center stitch. It's ok though. I plan to gift it this year, but haven't yet decided who will get it. I'm thinking maybe my mom or gramma.

I had a great time with Susan despite taking the wrong bus and being almost an hour late. It turns out, we seem to be exactly the same breed of crazy.

Also, I managed to not put in the lifeline I intended to in my socks (as of yet unnamed but I will label all the posts appropriately when I do) and I screwed up the heels. I spent the entire day tinking and now none of that work will matter as I intend to pick up with smaller needles now that I am home.


Happy 107th!

I missed my 100th post. Booooo! Oh Well. Happy 107th!

Roomie returned last night although I didn't get to see him until this morning when he presented me with this gorgeous lambswool tartan scarf from Scotland (YAY! Can you tell I have a favorite color? I dunno, I think I keep it pretty well hidden). The pattern by the way is called All Ireland, but it's from Scotland. Weird.

Speaking of scarves, Branching Out and I got to talking and the conversation went a little something like this.

Me: "I want you to die."
Scarf: "I will haunt you until the day you die, or you finish and block me, whichever comes first."

Me: "You can't outlive me, I won't stand for it!"
Scarf: "Then you know what you have to do."

And I did. I worked on it alone yesterday and Mondays being knit night, I almost never work on any project exclusively. I bound off in bed watching Scrubs and started blocking it tonight on my brand new blocking boards (and the crowd goes wild!).

There is a Target right next to where the Infinite Knitters meet and thanks to Vagabond Bettie's comment I swung by to look for rubber exercise tiles. Got 16 square feet for $16.

Let the blocking begin!


Wigs, Socks and Blocks

Halloween has come and gone. Like the wig?

I stayed over at a friend's place. We played wii, took a friend's kid trick or treating one block at a time, drank Fat Tires and Vodka, handed out candy and one dollar bills when that ran out. After all the other guests left, much South Park and Futurama were enjoyed while I proceeded to knit under the influence. There were only two little mistakes I was able to fix in the AM.

What did I knit under the influence? Socks of course.
Socks of my own design and the ones requiring my reminder a few days ago. I have funny heels and it is hard to get them right on the first try (or three as proven by the Pomatomus socks). I will be putting a lifeline in the next row for ripping out purposes, cuz it'll happen.

These are created with Tofutsies sock yarn which I have fallen absolutely head over heels for and bought a few on kPixie.com the other day (the other comments from work). I'll show ya when they arrive. I do NOT love the twist however. It is looser in places than others resulting in an uneven color distribution and I don't like it. Fix that SWTC!

Oh yeah, for those of you who are curious (and because I completely forgot to post about it) I finished the first Pomatomus sock in Kaoh-siung on my third attempt. However, I need to completely rip it out because the heel is too short and I can't pick up the lace pattern to save my life (this is why I am putting in that lifeline this time. I smart.). I haven't ripped it out yet and I stole the needles I used for this new sock pattern. So that'll have to wait.

Now I mentioned that a few wonderful gals from my Infinite Knitters group helped me work out a way to fix my mother's Lucie sweater. So the problem with that is it is coming out too small. Now in hindsight I should have blocked my swatch (hey, at least I knit a swatch at all!). I'm blocking it now and hoping that I am able to significantly alter my gauge.

Now depending on the result of this experiment, I may not have enough yarn. So I'll have to add this ribbon yarn I have from Knit One Crochet Two called Meringue in some strategically designed locations.

I'm also blocking the swatch I knit up for my Olive Striped Raglan Cardigan that is currently sitting to the side. Also hoping that will open up a little.

However, I don't have anyplace to block the finished sweater pieces. Sure I can handle a baby sweater and swatches on my little dorm sized ironing board, but I don't have any place for 3X sized sweater panels or complete XL cardigans. I hear alot about using the carpet or guest bed. I got neither.


Comments from work...

kPixie.com takes paypal. I don't even need my wallet. BAD! But wait till you see my new goodies.

remind me to write down on my current sock pattern (I will have to explain when I get home) that I need to start the gusset increases after 8 pattern repeats.