Wigs, Socks and Blocks

Halloween has come and gone. Like the wig?

I stayed over at a friend's place. We played wii, took a friend's kid trick or treating one block at a time, drank Fat Tires and Vodka, handed out candy and one dollar bills when that ran out. After all the other guests left, much South Park and Futurama were enjoyed while I proceeded to knit under the influence. There were only two little mistakes I was able to fix in the AM.

What did I knit under the influence? Socks of course.
Socks of my own design and the ones requiring my reminder a few days ago. I have funny heels and it is hard to get them right on the first try (or three as proven by the Pomatomus socks). I will be putting a lifeline in the next row for ripping out purposes, cuz it'll happen.

These are created with Tofutsies sock yarn which I have fallen absolutely head over heels for and bought a few on kPixie.com the other day (the other comments from work). I'll show ya when they arrive. I do NOT love the twist however. It is looser in places than others resulting in an uneven color distribution and I don't like it. Fix that SWTC!

Oh yeah, for those of you who are curious (and because I completely forgot to post about it) I finished the first Pomatomus sock in Kaoh-siung on my third attempt. However, I need to completely rip it out because the heel is too short and I can't pick up the lace pattern to save my life (this is why I am putting in that lifeline this time. I smart.). I haven't ripped it out yet and I stole the needles I used for this new sock pattern. So that'll have to wait.

Now I mentioned that a few wonderful gals from my Infinite Knitters group helped me work out a way to fix my mother's Lucie sweater. So the problem with that is it is coming out too small. Now in hindsight I should have blocked my swatch (hey, at least I knit a swatch at all!). I'm blocking it now and hoping that I am able to significantly alter my gauge.

Now depending on the result of this experiment, I may not have enough yarn. So I'll have to add this ribbon yarn I have from Knit One Crochet Two called Meringue in some strategically designed locations.

I'm also blocking the swatch I knit up for my Olive Striped Raglan Cardigan that is currently sitting to the side. Also hoping that will open up a little.

However, I don't have anyplace to block the finished sweater pieces. Sure I can handle a baby sweater and swatches on my little dorm sized ironing board, but I don't have any place for 3X sized sweater panels or complete XL cardigans. I hear alot about using the carpet or guest bed. I got neither.

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vagabond bettie said...

For the blocking thing, I went to Walmart in the exercise department. They have these dense rubberized squares that I put a towel over. The pins go right in and since there's 6 squares, you can customize the size! I did the two argosy scarves on it and it worked fantastique!