Happy 107th!

I missed my 100th post. Booooo! Oh Well. Happy 107th!

Roomie returned last night although I didn't get to see him until this morning when he presented me with this gorgeous lambswool tartan scarf from Scotland (YAY! Can you tell I have a favorite color? I dunno, I think I keep it pretty well hidden). The pattern by the way is called All Ireland, but it's from Scotland. Weird.

Speaking of scarves, Branching Out and I got to talking and the conversation went a little something like this.

Me: "I want you to die."
Scarf: "I will haunt you until the day you die, or you finish and block me, whichever comes first."

Me: "You can't outlive me, I won't stand for it!"
Scarf: "Then you know what you have to do."

And I did. I worked on it alone yesterday and Mondays being knit night, I almost never work on any project exclusively. I bound off in bed watching Scrubs and started blocking it tonight on my brand new blocking boards (and the crowd goes wild!).

There is a Target right next to where the Infinite Knitters meet and thanks to Vagabond Bettie's comment I swung by to look for rubber exercise tiles. Got 16 square feet for $16.

Let the blocking begin!


vagabond bettie said...

Jeez, I thought I was the only one to have conversations with my Branching Out Scarf. Now that you've been brave enough to post yours, I think I'll jump on the bandwagon. I'm glad to see that you like the blocking idea. BTW, the scarf is a beauty.

Jolene said...

Hey, congrats on finally finishing! It looks great.