Who needs three sets of size 1 dpns? I do I do!

I have done some shopping. I needed size 1 dpns to restart the Pomatomus sock I ripped out. So I got to looking around kPixie.com and found some more Tofutsies that I just had to have. I really like this yarn.

Well before this package arrived from kPixie I found out on monday that there was more than one size 1 dpn. I panicked and then figured I would go by Joanne's and look to see if they had the same size 1s that I used the first time. They did. So now I have three sets of size 1 dpns (woot). Screw pattern monogamy I can make three pairs of socks at a time now. haha.

Well while I was there I saw a few things I just had to have. I love Patons Classic Wool Merino yarns and I found a few colorways that just jumped at me. One called Forest that looks like it will look camou-y.And another that just looked like a lot of fun, but too much fun for more than one skein. It is called harvest and I think you can understand where I am coming from.

I also saw this fantastic colorway in TLC Baby which I hate as a yarn but the color was so attractive I had to have it. It is Neapolitan and it just looks soo good. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and knit and wash it up before I decide I don't like it :)

Branching Out has come off the blocking boards. Here's the final pic for you.
I wore it to knitting with my friend Susan on Wednesday to show it off and get an idea of what it performs like. It still folds along the center stitch. It's ok though. I plan to gift it this year, but haven't yet decided who will get it. I'm thinking maybe my mom or gramma.

I had a great time with Susan despite taking the wrong bus and being almost an hour late. It turns out, we seem to be exactly the same breed of crazy.

Also, I managed to not put in the lifeline I intended to in my socks (as of yet unnamed but I will label all the posts appropriately when I do) and I screwed up the heels. I spent the entire day tinking and now none of that work will matter as I intend to pick up with smaller needles now that I am home.


vagabond bettie said...

Do you think there's much difference between size 1s and 2s? I just finished one sock on 2s and it's HUGE!I think I can look on a European chart to see. DOH.

Kris said...

Oooh... your Branching out is beautiful. I'm thinking of knitting one for my daughter's teacher. I suppose if I'm actually going to do that (in time for Christmas) I ought to stop thinking and start knitting. HAH!