I'm Back

I'm the resilient type :) I'm not about to let some crazy a$$hole interrupt my life. However, I think you can expect much less personal content and much more knitting content and really how many of you are gonna cry about that?

So for those of you on Ravelry, how awesome is the favorites thing? I LOVE the feeling I get when someone marks an item I have created as a favorite. It gives me a little boost and while favorite does not really mean "favorite" in the traditional sense (above all others) and more just "I like that!", the fact that someone likes it enough to mark it as such feels fantastic. Especially items I created on my own.

I have written and rewritten several sentences here but they all sounded SUPER corny and fish-y so I'm just gonna say. It feels good!

On the actual knitting front. I have created (just missing some buttons) a face mask at the special request of a cousin. Her face gets cold on her bike but she doesn't want the whole ski mask thing. I will post pictures (need to do the buttons tonight first) later, then you can find it on ravelry as well. It is basically a long rectangle with ribbing on the edges and buttons in the back to just cover the lower half of the face.

I made a hat for a co-worker, forgetting to take pics and she is out to sea right now so sorry about that. Another co-worker found out about two hats I made and asked me yesterday to make one for him. I hate being asked to create things. I just like to do it and have them love it surprised. When people ask, they usually have something in mind and I feel like I'm on a deadline which means it will NEVER get done. Anyway, it's on the list now.

I also started a top-down earflap hat for sister #3. It is from a nice blue-y green alpaca blend. Of course I have no pattern so we will have to see how it turns out.

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