Ravelry Group Craziness!

I was up to 56 Ravelry groups and decided that was nuts!

I decided I did not need to join a group for every TV show, movie watched, video game played, website visited or podcast listened too. Just because I like the sound of Brenda Dayne's voice, doesn't mean I want to talk about her more than once or twice. And yeah, I enjoy visiting the Teen Girl Squad on occasion, but I also don't like talking about it much. And you all probably know I watch WAAAY too much television and do I really want to advertise all the shows I watch? how many things can you have to say about a cancelled series like gilmore girls.

So I weened. I still have 43 groups and I'm sure that will continue to come down, but it's a start.

Edit: 35

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Susan said...

I hear you. It can be addictive to join these "cool" groups, but how often can you visit once you've joined a million of them? See you at Starbucks tonight. I randomly met a new knitter at Borders last week and invited her to come, so maybe there'll be a newbie tonight.