Three hats and a Clap

So I spent the weekend traveling to Antigua where I am going to meet up with the Vagabond Bettie tomorrow. I spent a lot of time in airports and when I wasn't sleeping on the plane I was a knitting fool. I packed three hats this trip including the Beloved Alpaca (I gave it a name!), the replacement I started when I thought I lost the Beloved Alpaca (the Green Nautical for me) and the Slip-Stitch Camou Cap (which if my sister #1 wants it, it's hers). The Beloved Alpaca needs some thinking so it didn't get much work done on it.

The name of the Beloved Alpaca finally came to me. It is precious. I didn't realize how important my projects were to me until I thought I lost that baby. Plus the first stitches my roommate ever made, which isn't always so special. Usually it is on a beginners scarf or discloth both of which quickly fall out of use because they are so beginner, but his first stitches were going straight into a unique and super-wearable/awesome hat! I don't know, I panicked when I thought it was gone and I can't get over how upset I was and now I'm going on about it. Point is that hat is BELOVED.

Anyway, waiting for planes, I was very excited to do some fair-isle so the Green Nautical got a lot of work done on it. It is made with some Cascade 220 in dark green and another of white that I got/started when I thought I lost the Beloved Alpaca hat. I am putting anchors on it using the color-work pattern from the vest in Son of Stitch'n Bitch by Debbie Stoller and I actually completed it. I will be stylin' and profilin' on the ship.

Now the Slip-Stitch Camou Cap was in improvisation. I was hoping the slipped stitch pattern would help show off the camou pattern. I don't know that it does, however I do enjoy the look of the hat, little ruffly.
I would just like you all to note that yes, I was wearing an orange sweatshirt, carrying a pink/red and white striped purse and knitting a green hat. I was the fashion queen of the terminal.I also packed the Clapotis this trip but haven't worked on it yet. I was afraid that the 10" bamboo needles would get confiscated at security and I wasn't willing to risk it. It is however waiting patiently for a trip to the beach.

Now you may all be wondering why I am spending my first night in Antigua blogging about hats. Well I had to get internet for a few messages I had to send upon my arrival and the way my hotel works is you buy a code for 14.95 that expires after 24 hours. A hell of a rip off but I had to get it so, I am gonna use it dammit. Besides, I didn't get much sleep last night and resting on the patio of my room with a view of the Lagoon sounded much better. Sorry no pics of the Lagoon. Those will follow.

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