And... Done.

The holidays I mean. The last month was so busy. I only just got home from a trip to the Carribean, N. Idaho and Boise all in one go. I got to see islands and snow and wear all sorts of hand knitted goodness.

To start us off, I knit a face/neck/ear warmer for my cousin. Because it was a Christmas present I haven't posted it yet, but now that she has received and used it, here's a few slices...

The first was immediately after completion,

and the second after having received it, she went snowshoeing on New Year's Day and fell down a slope. It has already saved her life.

I have started a lovely neck warmer for another sister, no photos, yet and I should hurry up and finish it before it is too warm to wear in Boise.

Tomorrow is my first night back at the Infinite Knitters in what seems like ages. I'm really happy to be going back.


alice said...

is there really that much of a danger that it's going to instantly become too warm for hand-knits in boise?

mind you, i've only been to idaho falls. but that was in february. and i'm pretty sure i nearly lost a toe to frost-bite walking my ex boyfriend's dog to the CORNER to get the MAIL one day.

Susan said...

Glad to have you back in sunny San Diego Brandilion - let's get together soon for a knit session. I've MISSED you!