I need knitted items, who woulda thought?

I just recently found out that I am going on another trip. At the end of the month I am meeting one of our ships in South Africa and going on a six week trip down around the Antarctic ice field. My head has been all aflutter with the knitting possibilities to keep me warm. However I have not stopped working on my sister's collar I told you about last time.

(Pic removed for pattern reasons, stay tuned)

The Yarn is Alpaca Twist 100% Baby Alpaca and it feels like butter in my hands. I absolutely love it, but the stockinette is getting a little old. Hope you checked out those damn fine stitch markers my Aunt made me for Christmas. Once she figured out what I was looking for, she made some beautiful pieces.

Also, I have been looking for a tam pattern for the cotton/silk blend I bought at the Infinite Knitters yarn crawl. I found one on Ravelry and tried to recreate it top-down (cuz you all know how I hate casting on more than a few stitches), but it was impossible. It did however give me some ideas and I started creating my own (I am taking very detailed notes and you will have it as soon as I finish my own).

I have been working on it under the table at a training course I have to take this week to keep me awake during some pretty intense physics lessons. Did you notice the beautiful sheen the silk gives the cotton?

I also started a scarf specifically for this upcoming trip (but the knitting needles were too large to fit under the table without stabbing my boss with every stitch). It is the Slacker Scarf which I also found through Ravelry. It is created with yarn left over from a hat I made in and from New Zealand wool for my roommate.

Also, Pinktiff has been unloading a bunch of her knitting needles on her Etsy site and I took plenty of advantage. I have already received two pairs of dpns and one set of addi turbos (in my hands and everything!), so I went back and unloaded all the dpns she had under size ten. Check her Etsy shop at pinktiff.etsy.com and her blog (where I found out about the needles) at http://pinktiff.blogspot.com/.

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