Knitting LA style...

This week I went to LA to take care of my passport for my upcoming London/South Africa trip that I leave for on Saturday. I stayed with my Aunt and rode public transportation which put me in a Crazy Aunt Purl state of mind. I kept thinking, "man I wish I had my camera. Laurie would have her camera." "I wonder if she works around here." "Am I a stalker?" I can never show up at the West Hollywood Stitch n'Bitch because I could never be sure I wasn't there for purely Stalker reasons.

Anyway, all this thinking about Aunt Purl got me to realize it was almost exactly two years ago when I was introduced to her blog. Which inspired me to use knitting to quit smoking. Which got me on the current knitting position I am in now. It reintroduced me to knitting (seems lots of folks have to be reintroduced doesn't it?) and this time it seems to be hard core.

Thank you Crazy Aunt Purl. This is all your fault.

I was heavily consulted by my aunt who wants to make the leap from scarves to a sweater. A large boxy sweater that she wants to felt (she does that to all of her sweaters for some reason, she loves the dense material). You would be surprised at how little material there is out there on felted sweaters (scratch that, you would be surprised that anyone wanted such a thing). She must be in a league of her own. She has ordered some Cascade 220 is practicing swatching with some Patons Classic Wool we picked up and learned to purl (she was only making garter stitch scarves), k2tog and kfb.

Before I left for LA I blocked my Olive Striped Cardigan and left it to dry while I was gone...

When I came back I finished up the button band and that is currently blocking...

I did the button band after blocking the body because I wasn't sure how wide to make it. Last night I got to looking for my buttons but I could only find 4 of the six I purchased so I will go by Beverly's on my way to the Infinite Knitters tonight to pick up two more. I will attach the buttons, weave in some loose ends and hopefully I will be wearing this sweater before I leave on Saturday. I don't know if I will take it or not. It might get eaten by acid this trip and I don't like that idea.

At my aunt's house I finished the Alpaca Collar for my sister. I added red buttons and it is blocking right now as well.

(pic removed for pattern reasons, stay tuned)

I really hope she likes it.

I also 'finished' the Sonar Tam and it is hideous. I need to figure something else out for that, but for right now consider it sleeping.

I have been working on a pair of socks as well. Actually I have been working on them for a long time but I have been having issues. I reworked the toe 3 or 4 times, and the heel now 3 times. I think I have it figured out and will share as soon as it is completed. But I will probably take them to finish on the airplane to London and Durban.

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