Slip Stitch Camou Cap FO & Pattern!

When I saw Paton's had Classic Merino Wool in the colorway Forest and it looked very camouflage, I had to have it. Using a slip-stitch pattern, to try and bring out the camou-y colors, I created a hat for my sister. While the effect was much more muted than I was hoping for, I am very happy with the end result as is the sister I gave it to.

It has not been tested by anyone else so if you make it, please send me some feedback. The border looks long, but my sister likes it and flips it up in the front, but leaves it down over the back of the neck and ears for warmth in Seattle.

yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino in Forest

us size 5 needles (circs or dpns as you choose)

this pattern is knit from the top down with a garter stitch edging.
I added instructions in the first row to place markers.

CO 5, join

[kfb pm] in each stitch

For the crown of the cap, between each marker you will kfb the first stitch then knit to the next marker and continue until you have 20 sts between markers for a total of 100 sts. If you find this to be too small for your cap, you can keep casting on until you have more stitches in a multiple of 4.

Begin slip stitch body: repeat instructions in [] until instructed otherwise

1. k1 sl1 [k3 sl1] (until two stitches remain) k2
2. k around
3. [k3 sl1]
4. k around

rep rows 1-4 until the cap is ~ 1.5 inches shorter than desired length

Begin garter border:

At the end of your last row, CO 6 additional stitches

5. k5 k2tog
6. sl 1 k5

repeat 5-6 until only six stitches remain then join ends of garter strip as you see fit. You can cast off and join them like a seam or at the beginning of the garter border, if you cast on provisionally you can do a 3-needle bind off to join them.

finish and weave in ends. enjoy!

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