Tam? I thought it was a mushroom...

So I am nearly completed with the Cabled Tam. The Cotton/silk blend looks and sounds beautiful. I absolutely love the soft sheen each strand has as a result of the silk. I was even caught playing with the reflection of my hat on the table cloth at the training course last week (It reflects enough light to even do that, how cool is that?).

However, I am unfamiliar with how well cotton blocks when blocked properly. How does one block cotton properly? I am hesitant to bind off the ribbing. Scared really. I was going to block it over a dinner plate, but the dinner plates I got seem too large when the tam is fitted over the top. However, if cotton doesn't take blocking well, I might need to stretch the crap out of it to make it retain a tam-ish shape. Also, if the blocking doesn't hold, it looks like a mushroom on my head. What do I do? Suggestions? Help me!

I have given it a name, for those of you waiting (ha, right). It is the Sonar Tam.

The scarf I started last week... Frogged. I decided I didn't like the stitch pattern (it was curling) and I wanted cables instead. Then realized I don't have time to complete it and block it before I leave, I can't block it on the ship and I don't need it when I get back. So the New Zealand wool will have to find another life later.

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