A few pics, but only a few.

Recently pickled oxygen. It is preserved through a series of chemical reactions so that the amount of oxygen that is in the water at the time I sample it is all I analyze by the time I get it back to the lab. It locks is up in a precipitate until Sulfuric acid releases it again. Doesn't it look tasty?

Life in the water. I don't know what this is. But it swims around the surface and glows in the wake of the ship. It is like a tube almost completely closed on one end. I think it looks like the condom that broke... whoopsy! And the fact that it glows at night is even better.

Ready for the day. I'm all dolled up in my foul weather gear and although it doesn't look impressive, that is a 12 foot swell behind me and that was a nice day. It is almost impossible to accurately capture the size of the waves out here, so all I can do is say it. The swells out here are HUGE.


alice said...

i'm pretty sure you're my hero, girl. and by the way, if you ever want to get into detail i'd LOVE to hear more about this oxygen pickling of yours... my little geek senses were tingling just from that teaser of a description! what can i say, i can't help it :)

smittenknitten said...

I had no idea you could pickle oxygen, and I have to hand it too you, I come back from being out in our on our balm calm seas here feeling a little green most of the time, I cannot imagine what it's like with waves that high, stay warm :).