freezing cold

So we haven't even gotten as far south as we are going to, but it is
damn cold here.

I just want to take this opportunity to inform those folks that do not
know, wool doesn't create heat. It only retains what heat is already
there. Knitting a wool blanket for 36 glass bottles filled with sea
water at 1 deg C will not warm them faster. In fact, if anything, it
will insulate them from the warmth in the room. Like a cooler.

It is an insulator, not a heating element.

I have begun a new hat. Turns out the assistant cook on board did not
know we were going this far south and she doesn't have a hat. I luckily
had supplies for another hat I started (crochet beanie with the Horde on
it) but that one wasn't coming out and I don't need it before I get off
the ship so I can start over at home (gonna knit it anyway). And
dammit, this girl's head is cold. I'm not advertising the fact that I
am making it for her and told her not to tell anyone because there are
some people on board who think they asked and/or are receiving one first.

You know how it is. People just start demanding stuff when they find
out you knit and sometimes, I don't mind making folks stuff. Especially
when they aren't particular, which means I can do whatever
technique/color I want. However, if someone comes up and says, "Can I
get a purple hat, with a bill, no cables, etc" I'm really not inclined
to make them anything. Especially not when my supplies are so limited.
I could only carry so much yarn out here you know.

Anyway, it is garter stitch with stripes in Paton's Classic Merino, a
dark gray and a natural. I'll send pics when it is finished.

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alice said...

i made the mistake of bringing a pair of gloves with me to the bar one night... i had one finished, and i wanted my cousin to try it on... he'd be leaving for iraq in 4 days and i was trying to get them finished so i could send him off with them!

a few people complimented on them, and then one friend of mine started telling me what color he wanted his to be, and what he wanted the knuckles to say...

i might've still made them for him eventually if it weren't for the fact that he bugged me about them three more times that week, asking when it was his turn and talking about how "cold" his hands were.

hell no.

hope you're having fun!