From S. Africa

I'm here and man is it hot. I got to stay over 24 hours in London and I
LURVED it there. It was cool and foggy and I wore hand knits and was happy.

I haven't had the opportunity to knit much the last few days. Work is
pretty painful right now, mostly just busy. Then in the evenings when
we go out I don't much feel like carrying around a bag of wool.
However, tonight will be a cozy night on board the ship in the air
conditioning (which was fixed just in time to sleep last night, thank

I have been feeling under the weather. I think I am allergic to
something in the air because my sinuses have been going crazy, so a
quiet night in with some knitting sounds fantastic.

I brought with me my Mother's Lucie sweater, a crocheted cap for a
friend of mine (you can't get knitting needles through security at
Heathrow, what a bunch of bullocks) and some for a
fiery-phoenix-Charmed-Knits-inspired-scarf. However, I think the scarf
in the book is hideous, so I'm going to have to rewrite it myself.


alice said...

ahh from foggy london to south africa, what a transition! glad it's going well so far :)

Susan said...

Don't forget to take lots of pics and POST Them! lol.