Cape Town

This is me and my ship the R/V Roger Revelle in the shadow of Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa. I head to London tomorrow and then more pics will follow.




"Wave hello to Antarctica"


Science is nearly finished

I am nearly completed with my cruise and we will be pulling into port possibly a day early. I haven't been knitting much as I have been working on some other projects but the front and back of my mom's sweater are completed and I have started some math for the sleeves. I worked out how to do them from the wrist up, but to make them easy to lengthen or shorten after I fit her, I am thinking I should do them shoulder down. However the idea of reversing all my math has me stalled.

I also began what I am calling a Phoenix scarf. I guess it is like a free-form knitting project with lots of casting on, binding off, picking up and increases and decreases. I'm happy with it, but likely won't finish it before my little trip to London.

Also, we crossed the Antarctic Circle this cruise and when you cross the major latitudes and meridians on a ship for the first time there is an elaborate ceremony/hazing that takes place. It starts on Wednesday night with the initiates putting on a show for the rest of the crew followed by the actual hazing on Thursday. I'm excited to get another one under my belt and that leaves 0 longitude and the Arctic Circle, maybe the date line as well.

anyway, keep knitting.