37 Freshly Wound Balls... heh

Last week, I went to Susan's and it turned into a marathon yarn untangling and ball winding session with almost an entire season of Project Runway. Well, we got all but the last episode in.

So Tuesday night, I brought all my unwound hanks to be wound up into balls and watch the finale. Susan and I have decided we are both going to knit the Aran Accent Vest as our own private knit-a-long (KAL). Looking for yarn and talking to Susan I remembered that I have hand spun yarn I purchased out of a lovely stranger's shed in New Zealand in my stash (which needs busted, seriously!). I'm not sure about the yardages, but the spinner said it was probably enough to make me a jumper (love the Kiwi/Aussie/Brit talk). While I'm not sure about that, there is definitely enough for a cabled vest. So I started swatching it last night on size 6 circulars (I have to switch to the millimeter system, I have 3 pairs of size 6 but they aren' exactly the same) but it seemed a little loose to me. I'm going to pick up some size 5s hopefully today and keep swatching.

I have read a lot on Ravelry about the vest coming out too large for many knitters so I think if I get a finer gauge and knit the pattern size for my bust, it might come out better. Right?

Listen to me, all swatch knitting and stuff. I'm such a good kid.

Also I knit 12 rows on the bus this morning for my Mom's sweater. I am trying to bust through it. I am 3/4 of the way done with the first sleeve.

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