Beaded Lace, Stockinette and Cables... Oh My!

Juno Regina. It is taking ages for several reasons. I am super motivated on my Mom's sweater, the laceweight knitting moves slowly and I have started adding clear glass seed beads. They are difficult to see in the picture, but they add a lovely sparkle. Hopefully they will also add a nice weight to the fabric. I am adding them as I go because I didn't decide to add them until after I had begun the project. This slows me down and strains my eyes. I am thinking I may break the yarn and add them in advance for the rest of the project, but I'm concerned about what the beads will do sliding along the Mohair.

I am nearly finished on the first sleeve for Mom's Sweater, so close I can taste it. I have been messing around with techniques for sliding the yarn through my hands. I usually knit with out 'holding' the yarn, I slide the needle into the stitch, then grab the yarn and wrap giving it a slight tug. I have always manage to get great even tension but I think is slows me down a little. All the stockinette stitch on Mom's sweater gives me plenty of time to fiddle around with possibilities and I think I have finally found one that allows me to zoom through the stitches.

Yesterday I was using this 'new' method on the trolley coming home from work and a nice older lady sat down beside me and said "Oh a real knitter!" I will admit I was speed racing through the row, but I don't think I have ever been called a 'real' knitter by anybody. It felt great. She proceeded to tell me about projects she had done in the past, but I had a hard time understanding most of what she said and couldn't describe any of her projects for you. Though I got the gist, she did, but doesn't anymore.

I started a swatch for the Aran Accent Vest with some size 5 bamboo circulars I picked up on the way home and I am loving the fabric much better than I did on the size 6s. The yarn is a little 'thick and thin' which is a result of the hand spinning, but I really like the color. I'll post pics when I get started on the actual project. When I finish Mom's sweater it will probably become my bus knitting. Cables have got to be simpler than lace/beading right?

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