Breaking the Silence

I have been quiet for a long time with work travel and a knitting slump, but I'm back and I got stuff to say :)

So I am way behind on my podcasts, mostly because I listen on the bus and I have not been riding when I was out of the country. But also because I use my phone as my mp3 player. Which is fine, it worked good and was easy to interrupt for a phone call. Plus I like not carrying around a ton of electronics (and you know I always got either a PSP or DS on me as well). But the phone was a hassle because it had a special headphone jack; I couldn't use just any headphones and they hurt after a while. Also, they weren't quick to replace if you happened to, oh I don't know... drop your phone while the headphones were still in your ears so many times that you just popped apart those little tiny wires inside the cable. On top of that, I got a new phone with an even more specialized jack. It still plays music and I got an adapter, but HASSLE.

So anyway, moral of the story is I went and bought a cheap mp3 player from Target on clearance with Spongebob Squarepants on it. When I shake it, it adds cartoon sound effects. I love it.

So today on my way to work, I got to listen to a few new podcasts (new to me anyway, and even though I am way behind on Cast On, It's a Purl Man and Sticks and String). I checked out Y Knits (knitting by and for men, recorded by men) and Knit Science. I really liked Y Knits and heard their episode about Art or Craft which got me to thinking about it.

This is not a new discussion. The topic is right up there with copyrighted material, charging for your knitting and what defines a designer. But this one more than any other is exasperating to me and I am really tired of it (so those of you that record podcasts or blog, don't do it anymore!).

It seems to me that knitting itself is a craft, a method if you will, or even a means. It is a process (that we all enjoy obviously) to get from point A to point B. Now you can go and make Art from it, just like you can make art from paints, clay and every other media on the planet. Now how you define which pieces are actually art, does it really matter (I wanted to put "f*cking matter" in there, but that is just the sailor in me, not the emotion in me).

If you or anybody else calls your products art, its art (which we must all admit, implies at least a minimal amount of originality). If someone says it isn't, it isn't. Art is personal and not definitive. This goes back to things like nude paintings and what is pornographic and what is art, it is all in the eye of the beholder.

I have said my piece. Leave it alone.

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