I know I'm a slacker

So I wanted to sit down and write about fabulous adventures in London (which were fabulous, by the way), but you know how big posts like that can be a lot of work and I just kept putting it off. Last night I preferred knitting in my warm bed and watching crap TV. However, something every knitter dreams of happened to me at work today and I felt I just had to share it with you.

I got yarn in the mail! Not yarn I ordered or asked for, just a gift of yarn in the mail. It was sent to me from a scientist on a previous cruise (who also gave me silk yarn from Cambodia, I have yet to do anything with, it is too pretty!). It is a beautiful skein of brown alpaca from Tasmania. How sweet is that? I don't have the cable from my phone to my computer or I would share it with you right now, but I will post a pic when I get home.

C'mon, you are all jealous and you know it! Unexpected alpaca from tasmania!

Also, I just purchased some Elann Silken Kidd in winter white to make a shawl for my patient cousin from the Juno Regina pattern on knitty.com.

If I am the fastest knitter evah(!) I will be able to finish that as well as my mom's sweater in time for my Aunt's (her mom's) wedding in July. Yeah freaking right.

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Susan said...

I'm jealous and not ashamed to admit it! lol.