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I have learned that the sweater I received from my grandmother is a Mary Maxim pattern called Pheasant Hunt. You can read about Mary Maxim patterns here. They were hugely popular in the 50's especially Canada which explains the desire for them in the logging camp in wooded Idaho my grandparents used to live in. My grandmother sent me an email saying it was a neighbor in the logging camp who started her knitting. She thinks it was because her neighbor was tired of her coming to visit all the time.

I began swatching for the Aran Accent Vest yesterday and I think I will be using my new size 3 Addi Turbo Lace needles. That is the uppermost section of the swatch. I want to have a very sturdy fabric to hold up to the cable pattern. The Addi Turbo Lace needles were bought for the Juno Regina shawl, but ended up moving down to a size two. However, the hand made yarn from New Zealand slides a lot nicer on the lace needles and I think those tiny little points are going to be essential. The twist in the yarn is not very tight and it also feels like there may still be quite a bit of lanolin in the yarn as my fingers start to feel a little sticky after a while.

I am going to officially move the Aran Accent Vest to the Active WIP list on the side bar, but really I won't get past the screwing around with the swatch stage until I finish the final sleeve on my Mom's sweater. I finished the first and the seaming/finishing won't be done on the bus so the Aran Accent Vest will become my bus knitting. I'm so close :)

It sounds like I am very organized, but I really am not. This is about the only thing in my life I have worked out right now and I am clinging to the feeling of control I have over my knitting. Maybe I'll be able to carry it over into the rest of my life soon.

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