Knitting Progress

The yarn has arrived for the Juno Regina and boy is it tiny. I overbought yardage and I am going to have to make it larger I think. Maybe an extra chart repeat in the growing section or else it might come out more scarf like. The mohair is already frustrating me. I made a mistake in the second chart and tried to rip out, but I basically had to throw it away and start over because of the knotty mess I made. I am going to have to be very careful with it so I am going to write the charts much larger with all the repeats included. Plus, I'm going to use very slippery lifelines. I have some lace weight silk samples that should work for this.

The complexity of the Juno Regina project means it is an at home project now while my mother's semi Lucie sweater has been relegated to bus status. I am on the first sleeve and have written it to be top down, that way if it is too short it is much easier to add length (remember, the most important part of this sweater, it's entire purpose actually, is to fit my mother's monkey arms). the cap is a little more square on top than I like, but I tried it on my roommate (he is such a good sport) by wrapping it around his arm and it really didn't look too square.

I went to the San Diego Knit Nutz on Sunday which is a new roaming knitting group that meets in a new place each week. Next week is Balboa Park picnic style. Unfortunately I'm going to miss it, but if you are on ravelry.com check them out it sounds like fun.

Also, just recently my littlest sister was here to visit me for her final spring break of high school. It was super busy and we had a blast, tiny list of activities include:

Padre's game
Prom dress shopping (she picked out a gorgeous one)
San Diego Wild Animal Park (we love giraffes)
Mission Beach
Tie-dying project
Painting and more

I miss her a lot. However, I am going to see her and my parents on Wednesday on kind of a mental health holiday. My personal life has been suffering a lot lately and I feel like I just need my mom. I want to be surrounded by people who love me for a little while.

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