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I have been Tagged by Heather so here goes...

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3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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#1) I do not like fruit flesh in bread. This means I don't like blueberry/strawberry/rasberry muffins/pancakes/anything. but I do like things like banana/pumpkin/zucchini breads/rolls/etc. It is weird I know, like who hates blueberry pancakes? I DO! oh and raisin anything!

#2) I push my left needle out of the stitch I just knit into with my right index finger which sometimes results in tenderness depending on the sharpness of the needle. Most of the time I don't even notice, but sometimes after it is much too late, I will change up my knitting style.

#3) I watch America's Next Top Model and miss cable mostly for Project Runway. Even though I'm an overweight tom-boy who wears jeans 360 days a year. I have no idea why I watch them, but I love'em and hate'em.

#4) My main character on World of Warcraft is a level 70 female Tauren hunter. I started a hunter because I got to have a pet. Unlike any good player, I have had the same pet since I learned to train them in Mulgore. It is a prairie lion and her name is KeiKei. I love her like a real pet.

#5) I hate Monopoly. It is long and boring and I have never played long enough for anybody to win. Though I like to be the shoe.

#6) I love keeping fish. Love it. I have more than once been called over-protective/-caring of the tetras, goldfish and frogs. I even once had a pair of snails (lay eggs like once a week) and the first eggs they laid I hatched. Bad idea. But they were so cute with their tiny little shells!

Ok so there you go. It is hard to think of things that are particular to myself that are non-important. For instance the first things I thought of were

#1) I only get to see my boyfriend three times a year (if that)
#2) I miss my family so much I actually cry sometimes before I go to bed.

and you know, stuff like that. But those seemed like Important things/habits/quirks. Also, I'm not going to tag anyone because I am just so Anti-chain letter that I am tagging anyone who reads this. Let me know if you fill it out so I can read it :)

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