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1. I don't like raisins. Hardly unusual, but I'm adamant.
2. I want my next boyfriend to be a male knitter.
3. My room is a mess! Don't tell my mom.
4. I'm learning to play bass guitar from my roomie. That reminds me I have to practice this weekend.
5. I have three rockin' sisters. Two of which just went to supercross at qwest stadium in seattle and the third won first place in Seattle with her troubadour choir group.
6. I took a babysitting course when I was a kid at the local hospital. First aid and all that jazz, but I really should get some first aid to date.
7. Mom's Sweater smells like dirty hands. It's cuz I knit on the bus after work I think. I'm going to have to wash it after it is put together. Any great smelling knit wash ideas?

You all know me, I'm not gonna tag you, but I'd love to see you fill it out on your own. I got this particular meme from Knitter's Delight, who happened to take this fantastic pic of me knitting in Balboa Park on Sunday.

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Susan said...

You look so purty - the flowers and the pose are perfect. Congrats to the photographer....oh wait. lol.