where is my brain today?

OK nevermind. I think I figured it out. I panic so easy I swear.

Also, today just seems to be drAGGGing on. Anyone else notice this or is it just me? Tomorrow will probably be worse. I'm sure it is because I can't think about work when I think I should be thinking about what I need to wash and pack. I need to bring my clothes to work with me tomorrow as I leave straight from work to go to the airport. Tomorrow will probably be even worse as I'm leaving early from work and the whole day will be spent watching the clock.

Oh yeah, I'm going home for my sister's graduation!!!! I am so excited for her! and me! (getting to go home that is). I am taking off three days next week to be with family. I love family.

how can there be 45 minutes left of work? what am I going to eat for dinner? should I buy that new hard drive for my home computer? do i even know how to install a new hard drive on a laptop?

la... la... la...


Father's Day is less than a month away and I have NO ideas.

I am such a bad daughter!


science vs religion

I would love to give credit where credit is due. If you know the source for this let me know.

I find it hilarious (except for some of their language).


alright, that's it.

I'm saying good-bye to world of warcraft. I gave official notice to my guildmates. I just don't have the time to keep up and to be perfectly honest, I was never very good at it. Rather than dropping 15 dollars a month not to play, I'll play other stuff on the PSP and steam like the Half-Life series, Portal (I still wanna play that) and God of War.

I'll probably have to pay for one more month just to get in, strip my character, sell off all her gear and pass on the hundreds in gold I got to my guild bank. I got a ton of money because I only ever bought water and pet food :D

anyway, good-bye my MMORPG, I will miss you.


YouTube's blast from the past

i went for a walk through my childhood today, wanna come along?

I'll give you more another day. Maybe if we journey through what I saw as a kid, we can explain what is wrong with me today.



At least that is how I felt today.

A co-worker and I who share a love for buffets. All you can eat, especially breakfast just warms our little hearts. So this morning we went to Viejas for their brunch buffet. I made one of the dumbest moves and started with a hearty helping of biscuits and gravy. Why did I start with the most filling food in the buffet???

I was in so much pain, I couldn't finish my lemon meringue pie and I LUV lemon meringue pie.

I can NOT wait for next time!



2 FOs in one day?

The felted Sushi Dog Bed is done. It is a dog blanket, but oh well.

Susan's kitties tested it out for me today. Do you think they like it?

Also I finished Mom's Sweater! There are things I would like to be different but at some point you just got to call it quits.

I rock.


let's kick off the weekend

Friday! w00t!

Going for Indian with roomie jon and some co-workers. Knitter's Delight dropped off her babies for the weekend while she parties is up Vegas-Style. Looks like they are having the time of their lives with all the nooks and crannies in this house.

My weekend plans consist of the following...

Dropping Jon at the airport
Mom's sweater
Casino Buffet with fellow-buffet-loving-co-worker
San Diego Knit Nutz at Java Jones in PB
maybe I'll check out the Midway as well
watch Four Rooms I got from Netflix
send my single knitter's swap package (almost a week early)
pack a box or two

Bit of News the Penny Arcade game On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness is out. I played the demo (demos under buy now for mac, pc and linux) on linux and I like it. I love the comic book style and the true to comic characters. I'll be buying the full version on payday.

Party it up chillens.


shipyards, booms and another project

Last week required work at the shipyard in San Diego to work on one of our ships currently in drydock. I love standing underneath the hull of a ship. I spent so much time wondering what is under the surface of the water. I feel like I'm being let in on a secret that few others know.

And on the way to the shipyard Tuesday, we were greeted with this view...
If you haven't heard the news story you can find it here.Turned out to be gas related according to later news stories.

Also, I mentioned a new bus project because all the rest were not very portable. Here it is.

It is a cotton, worsted yarn recycled from a commercially made sweater I bought at a yard sale. It is a very simple yarn-over pattern and today it was chilly enough to make me wish it was done already :) I am taking decent notes so if it works out I will share the pattern with you.

I guess I need to give it a name, how about Belemnite? I can tell you exactly how this name came to be. The purpose is to have a small item, easy to carry to ward off the chill I always feel in air-conditioning. I started knitting it listening to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling which introduces dementors and patronuses. Well it is basically a patronus right? Keeps the chill away? so I did some thesaurus searching, came up with guard. One definition of a guard is a body part on a Belemnite. A cephalopod (I LOVE cephalopods). So that's what it is. Belemnite.


A few pics of Infinite Knitter goodness

Infinite Knitters finally sat outside this week. Problem is, come 8 or so it gets dark so we headed back inside and this super nice awesome incredibly handsome fellow gave his seat on the couch to allow all us loud and fiber-y ladies his seat. I offered to buy him a coffee and when he turned it down I told him, I think he is awesome and he said it made his day and was thanks enough. Every once in a while, a single person will convince me I am wrong about humanity.

Anyway, I told you I had pics...

Lupe showing off a Charlotte's Web Shawl: pattern from Koigu

Susan and I's Aran Accent Vest projects side by side (she had a late start, from all the drama!)

My first successful crocheted steek with Jolene's guidance as modeled by Carolyn.

Susan at work on Orangina.

Zoya is working on a drop stitch shawl.

I'm testing an alpaca scarf of Zoya's for itchiness (what excuse won't I use to try on someone else's handiwork!).

Carolyn flipping through the most recent knit.1 magazine.

Nancy models her finished Jane Umbridge sweater of her own design. I am so proud of her!

Sorry for those of you I didn't get pics of, I took them early in the night.

shhh... don't tell

I got another project on the needles (cuz my KADD is way out of control). I can justify it. The Aran Accent Vest requires following a chart, not easy on the bus, the Juno Regina is about 20 rows from being bus-able (oh i totally just made up a word) and Mom's Sweater is too large to carry on the bus.

My arms get cold so I am making me a shrug. My own design, pretty simple.

Also I have a TON of pictures to share with you but I can't because I am busy at work today. Tonight I hope I will have a boatload ready to go (foreshadowing?).


ouch... right in the feelings

I can't help it, I had to post it.

My First Swap, dear god this is hard.

So I joined my first swap this week for the Single Knitters group on Ravelry. Today we received our names and I had been trying to think of great, on topic things and I am failing. I really want to do something special. Thinking... thinking... thinking... I'll keep trying.

I was talked into riding my bike to work Thursday. OMG I was in pain! I am the first to admit I am out of shape. My legs were hurting, my palms were hurting (I need to tape my handlebars because it was like gripping razor blades) and no matter how "comfortable" your bike seat is after a ride like that (especially the first in many ages) your ass is never the same. On top of all that, I ended up to a lot of upper body physical activity in the afternoon. Text messaging was nearly impossible because my hands were shaking (I say nearly because I struggled through and prevailed. What can I say? I'm dedicated).

So the Aran Accent Vest. I started it, realized it was going to be waaaay to big and came down. I think I came down too far though (from large to small). It made sense at the time and I do know how to make it bigger if I have to (separate gussets!) so I'm going to stop stressing and just make the damn thing. Also the yarn is a little frustrating, mostly so if you have to rip it out. It has a lot of "hand"spun qualities that while making it beautiful, also, make it hard to use. There is not enough twist in places and it has a little "thick and thin" quality about it. It is super easy to split and the halo makes it a nightmare to rip out (sounds like I don't enjoy this, but trust me, I do). However, it looks lovely. I love making the cables, it is like a puzzle I have to piece together and then I magically get this beautiful "thing".

Mom's Sweater
is nearly complete. I had rolling issues on the hem and neckline and after an entire weekend (except for swap shopping and a Tabla and Sitar concert last night) I finally have figured out a solution. It required two rips and lots of wasted yarn (this stuff falls apart as you pull it out) but I finally have a solution... Ta Da!

In the first picture you see the wrong side, you may notice a lot of "extra" loose stitches. I kept tightening it up, but it made the front worse every time. It pulled too tightly on the front stitches and kept flipping up. The whole point of this was to prevent it from doing that so I kept getting frustrated. I thought maybe the problem was I had too much fabric in the back, but once I loosened the seaming it worked out. Also, the way I was seaming before looked kinda like a purl stitch and that was helping it flip as well. Now it looks more like it has been kitchenered and it is laying much more flat both front and back.

You can still see a little line on the front, but it is infinitely better than before and not flipping. And that is what really matters.

Also, I stayed up really late (too dark to work on Mom's sweater) finishing up the Sushi Dog Bed. It looked great!


Fillings up close


Now it still has issues. Namely, everything felted at different rates and the sides need a little work, no amount of reshaping will make them stand up, but I have plans. The inside all looks great although all felted differently. The sides I will cut and sew them upright. Over all, I am really pleased. I knew when I was putting it all together pre-felting it probably wouldn't go exactly right, but I did NOT want to felt everything individually then sew through all that felt. No way.

Now if you made it all the way through that post I have real-life news. I'm not the first to break it, both Roomie and Knitter's Delight have first, but here you go anyway. I am going to be moving in with Knitter's Delight in July. I am sad to be leaving Roomie Jon, but am excited for a better access to PT (public transit) and a live-in knitting group.

ta ta folks


xkcd = hilarity

if you enjoy computers/science/video games and don't read xkcd you are seriously missing out. this one is particularly great thanks to my video game Tourette Syndrome.

Aran Accent Vest

It has begun...


Mother's Day

So I couldn't be with my Mommy, but I thought of nothing but her all day. I spent the day seaming and edging and weaving in the ends on her sweater. No pictures yet, I've got problems that make me hesitant to scream about a finished project. First of all the sleeves, which should/could fit very well were more aggressively blocked than the rest of the sweater which I realized during blocking, but couldn't make them go back.

I got curling edges. Hardly surprising with all the stockinette in this sweater (heh, it is all stockinette), but I edged with a pretty little crochet border hoping it would help, but it didn't.

Beyond all these "little" things it is a very wearable and cute sweater. I'm hoping an aggressive wash and reshape all in one piece may solve most of my problems (optimism, I must have optimism).

Also, the dog bed is coming along nicely. Pictures soon I promise.


lolcats... you may want to look away!

I'm going to say something that will put me down on the Haters list for the rest of my life...

I HATE lolcats.

There I said it. I never did like that damn "Hang in there" poster with the wet kitty hanging from a branch and lousy grammar doesn't make it funny.


A demand for Starfish?

So I scroll through my sitemeter statistics occasionally to see where people are reading from and what brings them into my sight. There is an unusually high percentage of folks looking for "free starfish knitting pattern" or some similar search term. I remember doing that search myself and ultimately having to make one myself. As a result, I put my post from way back in the dark ages with my starfish color chart in the links on the right as well as the Horde color chart from last post for quick reference. Have at it, I think I'll eventually make many more and I would love to hear from folks who have used it :)

Now because I have been busy every night this week I have not yet blocked my Mom's Sleeves nor have I washed the swatch I made for the Aran Accent Vest (washing a swatch is not normal behavior for me FYI, but the wool seems to have a lot of lanolin in it and I want to know what it will be like after I wash it). I am also waiting on some sweet purchases I made online that should be arriving tomorrow, YAY. As a result I have been improvising my bus projects.

I finished the Horde hat last post and I started on a Sushi Dog Bed I have envisioned for my sister's adorable Pomeranian Armani. I have been gifted left over felt-able wool from a few friends (including an entire abandoned sweater project from Knitter's Delight). It was inspired by a crocheted pillow in 2006's Crochet Pattern a Day Calendar (you can see it here). I am crocheting it, but I am making it very large and I'm going to felt it. Also, it will be more bowl shaped with no stuffing. Difficult to explain, but hopefully when finished it will make all sorts of sense.

This is the base of the project, a large round "rice" section which I have been working on the bus. It has so far used an entire sleeve of the abandoned sweater project of Knitter's Delight. I think I'm pretty close to complete with this part (it's a Pomeranian, they stay pretty small right?) and I will need to sort through the colors I got to find enough greens or combos of greens to make the seaweed sides.


How about Fiber art that doesn't take place in the bathroom?

I finished the sleeves on my Mom's Sweater and I needed some bus knitting stat. I'm not ready to start the Aran Accent Vest because I want to wash the swatch and I need some size 2 needles for the ribbing which I don't have available right now. My only size 2's are involved in the Juno Regina.

So I picked up a hat I had promised a friend ages ago. It is a stockinette cap with the horde symbol from World of Warcraft. I used Paton's Classic Wool Merino left over from the Olive-Striped Cardigan of which I have plenty and a pair of size 6 circulars.

The symbol came out at least recognizable to some (I showed it to a player and they recognized it immediately) so yay me. You can see the chart below. I used some crazy computer magic to create it. Maybe I'll tell you about it when you're older if you ask, but right now, I just wanna show off.

Also, since I finished that Sunday my bus knitting has been some practice with color work and steeks. I just did a crochet steek on the bus today and it fell apart. I think I will re-read Eunny Jang's crocheted steek description before I try it again.

Also, I didn't have much to work on at the Infinite Knitters last night so the Juno Regina shawl has graduated to KIP status. I'm doing pretty well with the pattern, the actual knitting isn't real complicated and I'm using lifelines frequently so it should come out ok.

Next, maybe tonight, I will wash the Aran Accent Vest swatch and block the sleeves to my Mom's Sweater. I also have to pick out some buttons for it.


Why? Where do you bead your mohair?

Even though I have been taking pictures lately I've only been sharing those that other people (see Knitters Delight) have taken. They just aren't coming out quite right lately.

However I thought you would all enjoy a little scene from the other night. Come 9 o'clock at night there is only one room in our work in progress house with enough light to bead the lace weight mohair for the juno regina shawl... lets see if you can guess where that is?

But it come out so nice :D

Thursday night I went out to dinner with Knitters Delight for a Ravelry.com group I belong too, Single Knitters. It is a monthly event where Single Ravellers worldwide are going out for Asian food (Thai, Sushi, your choice). Then get back to Ravelry and post about it. It doesn't make sense really if you aren't apart of it, but it felt good to be doing something at the same time as others worldwide even if they weren't here in person.

Anyway, we hit Lotus Thai and got all fancied up (she has a hot new dress) and I wore lace and make up (crazy!). There was wine, great food, a great ambiance and of course we pulled out our knitting. Cuz we are nothing if not dedicated to our own brand of crazy.

Rather than stealing her great photos again you can check out her blog for details on what we ate and pics. We discussed another project we want to take on after the Aran Accent Vest, but I think I will wait to share details until it gets closer. I've been doing such a great job planning my knitting and I want to keep it that way.

Also, I cheated on my mom's sweater a little bit. I promised Teflon Don a hat ages ago that I have been working on in little bits (remember moms sweater, too busy!). I don't want to label him as a dork so I won't share the details, until of course it is finished and I have to brag.

Today I am off to the Red Bull AirRace Pre-Qualifiers with my pal/co-worker Meggers. It should be sweet. We are going down to the commercial docks near seaport village. I could hear them practicing all week from where I work down on the harbor and it got me hyped up.

I am still horribly jealous of all those at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, fondling yarn, Jess, Casey and Bob. Not to mention I would love to see that many fiber folk all in one place.

Also a friend of mine (maybe it was a sister, I honestly can't remember who asked me) was curious about men knitting. Like you know, most of the world is. I can completely understand and explain why they continue to knit, but she and I are curious what makes you jump that first hurdle, the whole men-don't-knit hurdle.

I would love to hear your stories and I am so thankful for Jack who was willing to fill me in on his story.


Presents for you

Knit Wits

Knitters VS. Crocheters

so you think you can knit?

Guinness Book of World Records, Fastest Knitter

we can finally put it to rest, the world's fastest knitter knits with her yarn in left hand. But are we really surprised?

Yarn Harlot in Portland, OR

For those of you who aren't yet or will never be in Ravelry.com, this is only some of the reasons we love it so much. And I mean LOVE it.


Boise, Idaho

Alright, who's reading my blog in Boise?

It's cool, I won't ask you to stop, I just wanna know.


Knitting, dining and pictures tomorrow.