A demand for Starfish?

So I scroll through my sitemeter statistics occasionally to see where people are reading from and what brings them into my sight. There is an unusually high percentage of folks looking for "free starfish knitting pattern" or some similar search term. I remember doing that search myself and ultimately having to make one myself. As a result, I put my post from way back in the dark ages with my starfish color chart in the links on the right as well as the Horde color chart from last post for quick reference. Have at it, I think I'll eventually make many more and I would love to hear from folks who have used it :)

Now because I have been busy every night this week I have not yet blocked my Mom's Sleeves nor have I washed the swatch I made for the Aran Accent Vest (washing a swatch is not normal behavior for me FYI, but the wool seems to have a lot of lanolin in it and I want to know what it will be like after I wash it). I am also waiting on some sweet purchases I made online that should be arriving tomorrow, YAY. As a result I have been improvising my bus projects.

I finished the Horde hat last post and I started on a Sushi Dog Bed I have envisioned for my sister's adorable Pomeranian Armani. I have been gifted left over felt-able wool from a few friends (including an entire abandoned sweater project from Knitter's Delight). It was inspired by a crocheted pillow in 2006's Crochet Pattern a Day Calendar (you can see it here). I am crocheting it, but I am making it very large and I'm going to felt it. Also, it will be more bowl shaped with no stuffing. Difficult to explain, but hopefully when finished it will make all sorts of sense.

This is the base of the project, a large round "rice" section which I have been working on the bus. It has so far used an entire sleeve of the abandoned sweater project of Knitter's Delight. I think I'm pretty close to complete with this part (it's a Pomeranian, they stay pretty small right?) and I will need to sort through the colors I got to find enough greens or combos of greens to make the seaweed sides.

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JJ said...

Most Poms are smaller than adult cats. Make sure your sister starts brushing her dog's teeth. They get horrible periodontal disease.