A few pics of Infinite Knitter goodness

Infinite Knitters finally sat outside this week. Problem is, come 8 or so it gets dark so we headed back inside and this super nice awesome incredibly handsome fellow gave his seat on the couch to allow all us loud and fiber-y ladies his seat. I offered to buy him a coffee and when he turned it down I told him, I think he is awesome and he said it made his day and was thanks enough. Every once in a while, a single person will convince me I am wrong about humanity.

Anyway, I told you I had pics...

Lupe showing off a Charlotte's Web Shawl: pattern from Koigu

Susan and I's Aran Accent Vest projects side by side (she had a late start, from all the drama!)

My first successful crocheted steek with Jolene's guidance as modeled by Carolyn.

Susan at work on Orangina.

Zoya is working on a drop stitch shawl.

I'm testing an alpaca scarf of Zoya's for itchiness (what excuse won't I use to try on someone else's handiwork!).

Carolyn flipping through the most recent knit.1 magazine.

Nancy models her finished Jane Umbridge sweater of her own design. I am so proud of her!

Sorry for those of you I didn't get pics of, I took them early in the night.

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Susan said...

Aren't we a rockin' crew! You made us even seem productive. lol. I am psyched about the steek-lesson, for sure.