How about Fiber art that doesn't take place in the bathroom?

I finished the sleeves on my Mom's Sweater and I needed some bus knitting stat. I'm not ready to start the Aran Accent Vest because I want to wash the swatch and I need some size 2 needles for the ribbing which I don't have available right now. My only size 2's are involved in the Juno Regina.

So I picked up a hat I had promised a friend ages ago. It is a stockinette cap with the horde symbol from World of Warcraft. I used Paton's Classic Wool Merino left over from the Olive-Striped Cardigan of which I have plenty and a pair of size 6 circulars.

The symbol came out at least recognizable to some (I showed it to a player and they recognized it immediately) so yay me. You can see the chart below. I used some crazy computer magic to create it. Maybe I'll tell you about it when you're older if you ask, but right now, I just wanna show off.

Also, since I finished that Sunday my bus knitting has been some practice with color work and steeks. I just did a crochet steek on the bus today and it fell apart. I think I will re-read Eunny Jang's crocheted steek description before I try it again.

Also, I didn't have much to work on at the Infinite Knitters last night so the Juno Regina shawl has graduated to KIP status. I'm doing pretty well with the pattern, the actual knitting isn't real complicated and I'm using lifelines frequently so it should come out ok.

Next, maybe tonight, I will wash the Aran Accent Vest swatch and block the sleeves to my Mom's Sweater. I also have to pick out some buttons for it.

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Anonymous said...

very nice.
Only the HORDE is red and black!
But still good design, I might have to borrow it! :)