Mother's Day

So I couldn't be with my Mommy, but I thought of nothing but her all day. I spent the day seaming and edging and weaving in the ends on her sweater. No pictures yet, I've got problems that make me hesitant to scream about a finished project. First of all the sleeves, which should/could fit very well were more aggressively blocked than the rest of the sweater which I realized during blocking, but couldn't make them go back.

I got curling edges. Hardly surprising with all the stockinette in this sweater (heh, it is all stockinette), but I edged with a pretty little crochet border hoping it would help, but it didn't.

Beyond all these "little" things it is a very wearable and cute sweater. I'm hoping an aggressive wash and reshape all in one piece may solve most of my problems (optimism, I must have optimism).

Also, the dog bed is coming along nicely. Pictures soon I promise.

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