My First Swap, dear god this is hard.

So I joined my first swap this week for the Single Knitters group on Ravelry. Today we received our names and I had been trying to think of great, on topic things and I am failing. I really want to do something special. Thinking... thinking... thinking... I'll keep trying.

I was talked into riding my bike to work Thursday. OMG I was in pain! I am the first to admit I am out of shape. My legs were hurting, my palms were hurting (I need to tape my handlebars because it was like gripping razor blades) and no matter how "comfortable" your bike seat is after a ride like that (especially the first in many ages) your ass is never the same. On top of all that, I ended up to a lot of upper body physical activity in the afternoon. Text messaging was nearly impossible because my hands were shaking (I say nearly because I struggled through and prevailed. What can I say? I'm dedicated).

So the Aran Accent Vest. I started it, realized it was going to be waaaay to big and came down. I think I came down too far though (from large to small). It made sense at the time and I do know how to make it bigger if I have to (separate gussets!) so I'm going to stop stressing and just make the damn thing. Also the yarn is a little frustrating, mostly so if you have to rip it out. It has a lot of "hand"spun qualities that while making it beautiful, also, make it hard to use. There is not enough twist in places and it has a little "thick and thin" quality about it. It is super easy to split and the halo makes it a nightmare to rip out (sounds like I don't enjoy this, but trust me, I do). However, it looks lovely. I love making the cables, it is like a puzzle I have to piece together and then I magically get this beautiful "thing".

Mom's Sweater
is nearly complete. I had rolling issues on the hem and neckline and after an entire weekend (except for swap shopping and a Tabla and Sitar concert last night) I finally have figured out a solution. It required two rips and lots of wasted yarn (this stuff falls apart as you pull it out) but I finally have a solution... Ta Da!

In the first picture you see the wrong side, you may notice a lot of "extra" loose stitches. I kept tightening it up, but it made the front worse every time. It pulled too tightly on the front stitches and kept flipping up. The whole point of this was to prevent it from doing that so I kept getting frustrated. I thought maybe the problem was I had too much fabric in the back, but once I loosened the seaming it worked out. Also, the way I was seaming before looked kinda like a purl stitch and that was helping it flip as well. Now it looks more like it has been kitchenered and it is laying much more flat both front and back.

You can still see a little line on the front, but it is infinitely better than before and not flipping. And that is what really matters.

Also, I stayed up really late (too dark to work on Mom's sweater) finishing up the Sushi Dog Bed. It looked great!


Fillings up close


Now it still has issues. Namely, everything felted at different rates and the sides need a little work, no amount of reshaping will make them stand up, but I have plans. The inside all looks great although all felted differently. The sides I will cut and sew them upright. Over all, I am really pleased. I knew when I was putting it all together pre-felting it probably wouldn't go exactly right, but I did NOT want to felt everything individually then sew through all that felt. No way.

Now if you made it all the way through that post I have real-life news. I'm not the first to break it, both Roomie and Knitter's Delight have first, but here you go anyway. I am going to be moving in with Knitter's Delight in July. I am sad to be leaving Roomie Jon, but am excited for a better access to PT (public transit) and a live-in knitting group.

ta ta folks


smittenknitten said...

Love the colors on that sweater! And that sushi dog bed came really beautiful. Have fun with your swap!

Anonymous said...

I like the color !
Mama from France from http://www.sirpriz.com
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