where is my brain today?

OK nevermind. I think I figured it out. I panic so easy I swear.

Also, today just seems to be drAGGGing on. Anyone else notice this or is it just me? Tomorrow will probably be worse. I'm sure it is because I can't think about work when I think I should be thinking about what I need to wash and pack. I need to bring my clothes to work with me tomorrow as I leave straight from work to go to the airport. Tomorrow will probably be even worse as I'm leaving early from work and the whole day will be spent watching the clock.

Oh yeah, I'm going home for my sister's graduation!!!! I am so excited for her! and me! (getting to go home that is). I am taking off three days next week to be with family. I love family.

how can there be 45 minutes left of work? what am I going to eat for dinner? should I buy that new hard drive for my home computer? do i even know how to install a new hard drive on a laptop?

la... la... la...

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