Why? Where do you bead your mohair?

Even though I have been taking pictures lately I've only been sharing those that other people (see Knitters Delight) have taken. They just aren't coming out quite right lately.

However I thought you would all enjoy a little scene from the other night. Come 9 o'clock at night there is only one room in our work in progress house with enough light to bead the lace weight mohair for the juno regina shawl... lets see if you can guess where that is?

But it come out so nice :D

Thursday night I went out to dinner with Knitters Delight for a Ravelry.com group I belong too, Single Knitters. It is a monthly event where Single Ravellers worldwide are going out for Asian food (Thai, Sushi, your choice). Then get back to Ravelry and post about it. It doesn't make sense really if you aren't apart of it, but it felt good to be doing something at the same time as others worldwide even if they weren't here in person.

Anyway, we hit Lotus Thai and got all fancied up (she has a hot new dress) and I wore lace and make up (crazy!). There was wine, great food, a great ambiance and of course we pulled out our knitting. Cuz we are nothing if not dedicated to our own brand of crazy.

Rather than stealing her great photos again you can check out her blog for details on what we ate and pics. We discussed another project we want to take on after the Aran Accent Vest, but I think I will wait to share details until it gets closer. I've been doing such a great job planning my knitting and I want to keep it that way.

Also, I cheated on my mom's sweater a little bit. I promised Teflon Don a hat ages ago that I have been working on in little bits (remember moms sweater, too busy!). I don't want to label him as a dork so I won't share the details, until of course it is finished and I have to brag.

Today I am off to the Red Bull AirRace Pre-Qualifiers with my pal/co-worker Meggers. It should be sweet. We are going down to the commercial docks near seaport village. I could hear them practicing all week from where I work down on the harbor and it got me hyped up.

I am still horribly jealous of all those at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, fondling yarn, Jess, Casey and Bob. Not to mention I would love to see that many fiber folk all in one place.

Also a friend of mine (maybe it was a sister, I honestly can't remember who asked me) was curious about men knitting. Like you know, most of the world is. I can completely understand and explain why they continue to knit, but she and I are curious what makes you jump that first hurdle, the whole men-don't-knit hurdle.

I would love to hear your stories and I am so thankful for Jack who was willing to fill me in on his story.

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Susan said...

Keep stranding or get off the pot! lol. At least you had your pants up.