Play Ball

So as I was getting close to the end on the second Belemnite, I realized it really would look cute with the dress that I am wearing to a wedding this weekend. Now this Belemnite is going to go to Knitter's Delight but she wouldn't mind if I wore it once before I gave it to her right?

I picked up my pace to finish it, I started seaming it tonight at the Infinite Knitters then all that would be left is picking up ribbing around the back and collar. After seaming the first arm, I tried it on and low and behold the raglan is too small. It is unwearable. I have to rip it out and start again. And I was sooo close dammit. So you don't have to worry, Knitter's Delight will be the first to wear it, now that it won't be done before the wedding.

Ok it was a productive and fun weekend. My Roomie and I spent our last full day together as roomies at Stitch and Pitch to watch the Seattle Mariners stomp all over the San Diego Padres (which was fine by me). It was hard for me to narrow it down, but I decided on just two pictures for you, one of Jon and I and the other of my friend Liz who I ran into (seeing a knitter pal at a knitting event, who knew?).

There was actual knitting, but I didn't want to wait all night for the pictures to load.

Also just for fun, some Infinite Knitter goodness.

I do love this group.


I fail at forums.

I tend to treat online forums as an ongoing conversation. I have to remember that not every person reading my post has read ALL of my posts. They don't always know what I said halfway through the thread no matter how pertinent to their current response it is and usually if my sarcasm gets put in the thread they may not know enough about me to recognize it as such.

This is the same for blogging. I have to remember that this single sentence may be all you ever read or know about me.

In real life, you may ever only see this single image or hear these words and tone.

Maybe more attention should be paid to how I come across. I am constantly putting my foot in my mouth in real life and on the forums, I wear t-shirt and jeans almost all the time. From now on I am going to make a conscious effort to think before I speak, make sure I am never out in something I would hate for others to see me in and extend courtesy to everyone.

Though this all applies to strangers. The flip side is that people I see often,friends and family for instance have seen me looking better and will again, so I can be free.


Defender of the MMORPG

OK many of you have or heard horror stories about people you know or have heard of who play video games, particularly online games to the complete and utter devastation of their lives. Divorces over it. Jobs quit over it. But I am hear to say that it is not the MMORPGs fault.

I played World of Warcraft for years. I might play it again one day and it didn't damage me. It has nothing to do with the fact that I broke up with my boyfriend.

I made many real-life friends through the playing of World of Warcraft who I am still friends with even though I don't play anymore. They have never let the playing of the game dominate their lives. They have children and good jobs. Happy homes and active lifestyles.

Not everyone has good experiences with it like I have. There are people who ruin their lives with the game, and they are pretty much the only ones you hear about. I sympathize with those whose relationships have been lost due to a partners obsessive involvement with a game. But I think it is important to point out that there was probably a lot more wrong and the game was a symptom of it. Not the cause of it. If they didn't have the game, it would be something else, another hobby to lose themselves in.

Don't be a hater. It's not Blizzard's fault. And don't judge others from your past experience or horror stories. Gaming is just like everything else and should be done in moderation.


Let's just flaunt the glory that is my brain.

So I don't know what it was, but I had a day of clarity yesterday and was all about problem solving. I think it was the hour or so I laid around the pool with my Aunt of the felted Sweater.

Someone on Ravelry posted a question about crocheting a border and it causing gaps between the crochet and the knitting. In my effort to help, I came up with a solution that she said was working great so I thought I would share it with you.

Now she had an edge of slipped stitches. I suggested crocheting a chain between the last two stitches like so...This adds an extra stitch which will fill in any gaps and allows the slipped edge stitch to curl over...If you want to put a particular crochet stitching on the edge, some kind of lace for example or single crochet, you can then just crochet into the chain you just created...This prevents pulling which results in gaps and if you don't want to put a fancy stitch on, it will just roll that outer stitch under resulting in a nice pretty and even chain along the edge.

If you use this and try it out, let me know how it works for you.


A relaxing Sunday with a new project

So I "taught" my aunt how to make a sweater, mostly over the phone which she wanted to felt. I don't know, she just likes them better felted and usually felts her store bought sweaters as well.

Anyway, she finished it. She did a great job and for a first garment and felting it really couldn't have turned out better. Except it is too wide. She won't wear it the way it is and is considering it a loss unless I can "take it in".

I pinned it where it needs to be but now I need to figure out how to re-attach the fabric once I cut it out of the seams. I think I'm just going to have to sew it with regular thread, but not quite ready for that. I need to plan. If you have any ideas let me know but I think I'm going to be cutting it tonight.

Doesn't that V-neck look great?

She came to see me today and dropped it off. We went sunning and swimming in the pool, out for vegetarian and then swung by my new apartment to drop off a few things. Nice relaxing afternoon Sunday


Las Vegas

This is Me and a friend from waaaay back. I really missed the friendship we had and it was an absolutely fabulous weekend. I don't remember the last time I had that much to say, but man he ran me into the ground with activity. This was taken after hiking Red Rock Canyon.

Now this picture is a sacrifice to the knitters out there because next I am going to say, I didn't knit on Saturday, World Wide Knit in Public Day, but I was busy rebuilding long neglected friendships.

Progress on the Belemnite pattern continues but nothing really to show. The blanket continues on the bus and I worked on the Aran Accent Vest Monday night at the Infinite Knitters.

Now I had a great time. It was fabulous. I am happy with my appearance lately. Love my new haircut and I finally (!) know my bra size. But I am still depressed. I had a doctor's appointment today and realized I am still pretty emotionally unhealthy. I can't really verbalize it. I'm going to find a therapist and start taking more time and opportunities for myself. Though I have to admit, I really don't know how I can do much more for myself. It's not like I'm raising kids or taking care of a husband or boyfriend. All my nights, weekends and even a considerable amount of my workday is taking care of me, doing what I want to do. How one does more than that, I have no idea.


I'm going to hurt someone's feelings, I know it.

The Belemnite project is packed to continue development if I have time over the weekend. Leaving for Vegas tonight. You're jealous. I know you are, but that's not what I am here to write about.

I am actually here about Harry Potter inspired sock patterns. There are tons of them on Ravelry.com. Now, short of house colors, there is absolutely nothing about these socks that would make even hard-core Potter fans recognize them as inspired by the series. Conceding that they are inspired by characters' styles and personalities so you really wouldn't expect them to be easily identified, just like you couldn't look at any pair of socks and think they were made for me.

But they are never anything I would envision for the character. There is a pattern called Bellatrix at Keep On Kniting in the Free World which I think makes a fantastic sock in a drop stitch pattern (seriously, I would LOVE a pair of these socks), but really nothing about them says "Bellatrix". Bellatrix is a wealthy, pure-blood witch and would wear classy, beautiful and expensive clothes so everyone knew it. A drop-stitch pattern is not for her. She would wear intricate and delicate lace on her feet.

The Prisoner of Azkaban socks at Marmayarn created for a Hogwarts Sock Swap really doesn't say "prisoner" or "Azkaban" or "innocent" or any thing else representative of book 3. It is much to colorful for anyone at Azkaban being allowed to wear it. But who in their right mind would wear the chains they endured at Azkaban once they got out?

Now the pattern Severus (you have to go to Ravelry for it, sorry) is a beautiful pattern that screams old-fashioned, Victorian era boots with bobbles up the side resembling buttons. The pattern is fantastic, but really? Severus in bobbles? And could anyone really ever wear that sock? I mean what shoes could possibly set off that style sock.

This has all sounded rather negative, but really I am very impressed at the patterns themselves and the folks who put them together. I just don't think they represent their inspirations at all. But that is the way it is with book characters. We all see them differently in our minds as we read the words describing them. It doesn't matter how detailed the text, we all see something different.

Edited to add that the Phineas socks found at The Leaky Cauldron are the most perfect character socks I have ever seen inspired by the series. All it needs is a black line (ala argyle) crossing the diamonds purled into the foot and it would have been exactly right.


I'm Keeping It Up

Your Quit Date is: 3/26/2007
Time Smoke-Free: 444 days, 12 hours, 25 minutes and 23 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 3092
Lifetime Saved: 23 days, 18 hours
Money Saved: $854.7

I really don't know where all that money went. I know I don't got it now. But hey, good for me anyway (I adjusted the cigarettes total to reflect the 'emergency' pack I smoked. It lasted me a whole year and reflects 0.6% of what I would have smoked by now!).

Purchase Expansion

Something struck me today and I wonder if other knitters have experienced the same thing. We know and have the ever-growing stash (kudos to those with it under control), but have you noticed in your yarn journey, that projects are requiring more and more yarn? You buy a ball/skein/hank/whatever when you start. You make something small and silly, buy another one and make a few more, maybe learning more difficult stitches or shaping. Then you decide to make a matching set, like a scarf and a hat and you buy two instead of one.

It has come to my attention this morning as I did a little 'window' shopping online today before I came into work, that I have little or no use for a single solitary ball of yarn anymore. I need 'lots' of say 4 or more for any project I actually might want to do. For a few years I have continued to buy skeins singly or in pairs when I just liked it, but projects are just requiring more yarn than they used to when I was a beginner. And it makes complete sense. I mean MOST long-term knitters don't start with an afghan or sweater (again kudos to those who did, didn't hate it, and kept it up).

This doesn't bother me in the slightest. But every once in a while insight as to my "growth" as a knitter catches be by surprise.

While all of the above is quite true and I still have to purchase yarn on occasion for specific projects, I have more or less quit buying yarn for the sake of buying yarn, just because I think it is pretty or it is on sale. I have done a lot of stash-diving lately and look there for what I need first as well as planning some projects with yarn I already have in mind (Aran Accent Vest, huh, huh, how good was I?). I have managed to contain it in two boxes (one under-bed, one wicker chest) and two bags (but I have plans for those).

Pat on the back for me!


I hate taking notes, writing the Belemnite pattern

When I decide I want to do something, I want to do it now. So I bought some Lion Brand Cotton-Ease on the way home last night in the color Lake and some new needles especially for the occasion (Yes, I need more needles, I always need new needles). I cast on for a new Belemnite before I even got home. I was a good girl and I did a swatch, though a small one, with ribbing and the lace pattern. After I made it, I promptly ignored it to cast on for the actual project. I figure I will measure it later and I really didn't swatch before the first one I made either.

All of this took place last night. I want to do this right, well, mostly right anyway. Since I cast on for the actual project last night I have ripped 4 times. FOUR times for a lousy few inches. Because it is a project I am going to share I want it to be great and as uniform as possible to leave out unnecessary instructions. The first one I made was just for me, I was the only one who would see the mistakes and I didn't care about them. I absolutely love it, mistakes and all. In fact it is tucked into my bag now for the movie I am going to see tonight. But for it to be out there, with others using it, following it letter for letter, it can't be a "wing-it" project.

However I personally would love a book with projects that aren't all step by step details. I want them to give me the stitch pattern, rough sizing guides with notes on how to customize and some details for fiddly bits. I never follow a pattern word for word and I find I get frustrated trying to find the real info I want in a pattern. I really want to know how often to do regular increasing or decreasing, how exactly they seamed it (did they already provide a selvage stitch?) and if you have to pick up stitches around a collar or something, did you pick up 1 for 1, or did they pick up 2 for every 3 sts or whatever.

I guess this means I will write this pattern two ways and I think I will do this from now on, the intricate details for beginners and another "you're a big knitter, you can work it out how you want".

Anyway, I could use some encouragement. Leave me a comment.

PS Susan, I hope you like light blue.

EDITED TO ADD: This will most definitely NOT be a Knitty pattern. In order to submit there you can't have posted it on your blog and I won't be able to keep quiet about this one.


I forgot to Post, My first SWAP!

Coffee, chocolate colored Hemp yarn, Dark chocolate M&Ms and a cute coffee mug with a doggie.

I'm going to make some face clothes for my new bathroom with it.

Oh yeah and here's a pic of the mitered blanket I started

I have 15 skeins in these 5 colors. But I think it is on hold while I work out the Belemnite pattern

Belemnite, The End? ...or is it?

So you can see another hot shot of my new hair at Knitters Delight's latest post. Yes I love it and every time it looks cute you are going to see it! mwahahaha. It was taken last night at the Infinite Knitters regular Monday knit night. I however, was a very bad girl about taking pictures. I didn't even have my camera with me. I should have taken a shot of Susan "borrowing" my new shrug Belemnite but I didn't.

Susan, helping me become all I can be, is insisting that I write the pattern. Well I took crap notes and pretty much just used stitch markers for significant events and now that those stitch markers are gone I have no idea what I did (not true, I have a very few ideas). In fact, when asked about the stitch pattern, I drew a total blank. I had no idea, something about yarn-overs and staggering rows. (I remember now so if you wanna look it is at the bottom)

This means that I will have to make another one :D Which is fine, there are a few things I would like to do differently anyway for a "real" pattern. Who knows, maybe this one will get submitted to Knitty.com or something. As a result, this project is staying on the WIP list, rather than coming down. I am even more inspired because an Infinite Knitter regular is creating a skirt with careful notes about the pattern to maybe submit to Knitty.com herself and I think that is a fantastic idea. Good Luck Nancy!

Another regular, who shall remain nameless for a desire not to start anything, told us last night that of all the groups she visits (and she visits a lot mind you) we are her favorite, and the most comfortable. I gotta tell you, she is one of the friendliest and most outgoing women I know and it felt so great to be 'honored' by her. I don't know if she reads the blog but if she does... We love you too!

Belemnite pattern stitch: mult of 5 + 4 sts
All Odd Rows, Purl across
Row 2, k2 (YO k2tog k3) rep to last two sts and k2
Row 4, k2 (k2YO k2tog k1) rep to last 2 sts and k2


Party with family, a finished object and a previous FO actually in use

Alright, as promised, pictures of my weekend home. But only two to get the point across.

A little partying going on, two of my sisters and I at Bardenay in Coeur d'Alene, ID.

You will notice the picture is blurry. But I think you can tell she got stringed pretty good returning to her classmates.

The mitered bus blanket has begun. I have 15 skeins in these five colors.

Today I finished the Belemnite shrug I started not too long ago. I didn't finish it in time for the graduation party, but I finished it at the San Diego Knit Nutz group today and got to wear it home.

Also the Sushi Dog Bed actually got used by that beautiful little Pomeranian of my sister's.

You may have noticed from the photos that I got a new haircut. I LOVE it. I don't know what took me so long why I never cut it this way before.



I need a new bus project (yes I know I have several in the works, but none can be worked on the bus anymore).

I'm thinking I have a TON of Caron Simply Soft that Patty gave me (thanks Patty!). Here are my problems. I think I want garter stitch miters. I don't want a bunch of seaming. It must be easily toted around. I don't want to carry more than two colors at a time.


weekend recap - pics later

ok so yes, I was smashed on Saturday at the party and yes I seriously paid for it on Sunday. Yes I cut my hair super short on Saturday morning and Yes that came in handy Sunday morning. No the Belemnite did not get finished in time to where to the party. Yes my brother in law was jealous I had something to keep me occupied while we waited for nearly 270 kids to be called at graduation before my little sister. Yes I love my family, but yes they exhaust me. I spent too much money, ate too much food and got much too little sleep. I passed out on the 2 hour flight mid-afternoon.

Rock-star Susan picked me up at the airport and even swung me by a grocery store for some quick staples. Last night I logged into World of Warcraft for the last time ever. Completely stripped my chars before deleting them and ended up donating 1100 gold to the guild bank.

I haven't received my swap goodies, but I had three packages from Dell on my doorstep so I can pimp my PC over the weekend. Whoever my partner is rocks. I posted a message about leaving for a few days and not wanting it sitting on the doorstep while I was away and they totally listened :D Unless of course it was lost or stolen by crazy neighbor while I was away, but what are the chances of that?