Belemnite, The End? ...or is it?

So you can see another hot shot of my new hair at Knitters Delight's latest post. Yes I love it and every time it looks cute you are going to see it! mwahahaha. It was taken last night at the Infinite Knitters regular Monday knit night. I however, was a very bad girl about taking pictures. I didn't even have my camera with me. I should have taken a shot of Susan "borrowing" my new shrug Belemnite but I didn't.

Susan, helping me become all I can be, is insisting that I write the pattern. Well I took crap notes and pretty much just used stitch markers for significant events and now that those stitch markers are gone I have no idea what I did (not true, I have a very few ideas). In fact, when asked about the stitch pattern, I drew a total blank. I had no idea, something about yarn-overs and staggering rows. (I remember now so if you wanna look it is at the bottom)

This means that I will have to make another one :D Which is fine, there are a few things I would like to do differently anyway for a "real" pattern. Who knows, maybe this one will get submitted to Knitty.com or something. As a result, this project is staying on the WIP list, rather than coming down. I am even more inspired because an Infinite Knitter regular is creating a skirt with careful notes about the pattern to maybe submit to Knitty.com herself and I think that is a fantastic idea. Good Luck Nancy!

Another regular, who shall remain nameless for a desire not to start anything, told us last night that of all the groups she visits (and she visits a lot mind you) we are her favorite, and the most comfortable. I gotta tell you, she is one of the friendliest and most outgoing women I know and it felt so great to be 'honored' by her. I don't know if she reads the blog but if she does... We love you too!

Belemnite pattern stitch: mult of 5 + 4 sts
All Odd Rows, Purl across
Row 2, k2 (YO k2tog k3) rep to last two sts and k2
Row 4, k2 (k2YO k2tog k1) rep to last 2 sts and k2

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