I hate taking notes, writing the Belemnite pattern

When I decide I want to do something, I want to do it now. So I bought some Lion Brand Cotton-Ease on the way home last night in the color Lake and some new needles especially for the occasion (Yes, I need more needles, I always need new needles). I cast on for a new Belemnite before I even got home. I was a good girl and I did a swatch, though a small one, with ribbing and the lace pattern. After I made it, I promptly ignored it to cast on for the actual project. I figure I will measure it later and I really didn't swatch before the first one I made either.

All of this took place last night. I want to do this right, well, mostly right anyway. Since I cast on for the actual project last night I have ripped 4 times. FOUR times for a lousy few inches. Because it is a project I am going to share I want it to be great and as uniform as possible to leave out unnecessary instructions. The first one I made was just for me, I was the only one who would see the mistakes and I didn't care about them. I absolutely love it, mistakes and all. In fact it is tucked into my bag now for the movie I am going to see tonight. But for it to be out there, with others using it, following it letter for letter, it can't be a "wing-it" project.

However I personally would love a book with projects that aren't all step by step details. I want them to give me the stitch pattern, rough sizing guides with notes on how to customize and some details for fiddly bits. I never follow a pattern word for word and I find I get frustrated trying to find the real info I want in a pattern. I really want to know how often to do regular increasing or decreasing, how exactly they seamed it (did they already provide a selvage stitch?) and if you have to pick up stitches around a collar or something, did you pick up 1 for 1, or did they pick up 2 for every 3 sts or whatever.

I guess this means I will write this pattern two ways and I think I will do this from now on, the intricate details for beginners and another "you're a big knitter, you can work it out how you want".

Anyway, I could use some encouragement. Leave me a comment.

PS Susan, I hope you like light blue.

EDITED TO ADD: This will most definitely NOT be a Knitty pattern. In order to submit there you can't have posted it on your blog and I won't be able to keep quiet about this one.


Anonymous said...

Encourage, encourage, encourage. :)

Nancy Hay (Loopynancy) said...

I applaud your daunting task of writing the pattern down. If you'd like a helpful hint, write it down exactly first, then do the "big girl's" version. I keep finding little things that need adjusting that would throw off the pattern if ignored.

Good luck!