I'm going to hurt someone's feelings, I know it.

The Belemnite project is packed to continue development if I have time over the weekend. Leaving for Vegas tonight. You're jealous. I know you are, but that's not what I am here to write about.

I am actually here about Harry Potter inspired sock patterns. There are tons of them on Ravelry.com. Now, short of house colors, there is absolutely nothing about these socks that would make even hard-core Potter fans recognize them as inspired by the series. Conceding that they are inspired by characters' styles and personalities so you really wouldn't expect them to be easily identified, just like you couldn't look at any pair of socks and think they were made for me.

But they are never anything I would envision for the character. There is a pattern called Bellatrix at Keep On Kniting in the Free World which I think makes a fantastic sock in a drop stitch pattern (seriously, I would LOVE a pair of these socks), but really nothing about them says "Bellatrix". Bellatrix is a wealthy, pure-blood witch and would wear classy, beautiful and expensive clothes so everyone knew it. A drop-stitch pattern is not for her. She would wear intricate and delicate lace on her feet.

The Prisoner of Azkaban socks at Marmayarn created for a Hogwarts Sock Swap really doesn't say "prisoner" or "Azkaban" or "innocent" or any thing else representative of book 3. It is much to colorful for anyone at Azkaban being allowed to wear it. But who in their right mind would wear the chains they endured at Azkaban once they got out?

Now the pattern Severus (you have to go to Ravelry for it, sorry) is a beautiful pattern that screams old-fashioned, Victorian era boots with bobbles up the side resembling buttons. The pattern is fantastic, but really? Severus in bobbles? And could anyone really ever wear that sock? I mean what shoes could possibly set off that style sock.

This has all sounded rather negative, but really I am very impressed at the patterns themselves and the folks who put them together. I just don't think they represent their inspirations at all. But that is the way it is with book characters. We all see them differently in our minds as we read the words describing them. It doesn't matter how detailed the text, we all see something different.

Edited to add that the Phineas socks found at The Leaky Cauldron are the most perfect character socks I have ever seen inspired by the series. All it needs is a black line (ala argyle) crossing the diamonds purled into the foot and it would have been exactly right.

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Tuulia said...

I feel the same about LOTR patterns, for example the Arwen cardigan. I just don't see anything Elvish, or anything that says 'Arwen' about it. I understand that people are inspired by other art, but I don't see the connection at all. If I saw the finished thing and didn't know where the inspiration came, or if I had to name them, LOTR would be the last thing on my mind (or HP in this case)..