Play Ball

So as I was getting close to the end on the second Belemnite, I realized it really would look cute with the dress that I am wearing to a wedding this weekend. Now this Belemnite is going to go to Knitter's Delight but she wouldn't mind if I wore it once before I gave it to her right?

I picked up my pace to finish it, I started seaming it tonight at the Infinite Knitters then all that would be left is picking up ribbing around the back and collar. After seaming the first arm, I tried it on and low and behold the raglan is too small. It is unwearable. I have to rip it out and start again. And I was sooo close dammit. So you don't have to worry, Knitter's Delight will be the first to wear it, now that it won't be done before the wedding.

Ok it was a productive and fun weekend. My Roomie and I spent our last full day together as roomies at Stitch and Pitch to watch the Seattle Mariners stomp all over the San Diego Padres (which was fine by me). It was hard for me to narrow it down, but I decided on just two pictures for you, one of Jon and I and the other of my friend Liz who I ran into (seeing a knitter pal at a knitting event, who knew?).

There was actual knitting, but I didn't want to wait all night for the pictures to load.

Also just for fun, some Infinite Knitter goodness.

I do love this group.


Susan said...
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Susan said...

Hey Roommie to be - don't rip it out before I get to try it on - it might be a "sexy fit". See you tonight at the new knit spot.