Purchase Expansion

Something struck me today and I wonder if other knitters have experienced the same thing. We know and have the ever-growing stash (kudos to those with it under control), but have you noticed in your yarn journey, that projects are requiring more and more yarn? You buy a ball/skein/hank/whatever when you start. You make something small and silly, buy another one and make a few more, maybe learning more difficult stitches or shaping. Then you decide to make a matching set, like a scarf and a hat and you buy two instead of one.

It has come to my attention this morning as I did a little 'window' shopping online today before I came into work, that I have little or no use for a single solitary ball of yarn anymore. I need 'lots' of say 4 or more for any project I actually might want to do. For a few years I have continued to buy skeins singly or in pairs when I just liked it, but projects are just requiring more yarn than they used to when I was a beginner. And it makes complete sense. I mean MOST long-term knitters don't start with an afghan or sweater (again kudos to those who did, didn't hate it, and kept it up).

This doesn't bother me in the slightest. But every once in a while insight as to my "growth" as a knitter catches be by surprise.

While all of the above is quite true and I still have to purchase yarn on occasion for specific projects, I have more or less quit buying yarn for the sake of buying yarn, just because I think it is pretty or it is on sale. I have done a lot of stash-diving lately and look there for what I need first as well as planning some projects with yarn I already have in mind (Aran Accent Vest, huh, huh, how good was I?). I have managed to contain it in two boxes (one under-bed, one wicker chest) and two bags (but I have plans for those).

Pat on the back for me!

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