A relaxing Sunday with a new project

So I "taught" my aunt how to make a sweater, mostly over the phone which she wanted to felt. I don't know, she just likes them better felted and usually felts her store bought sweaters as well.

Anyway, she finished it. She did a great job and for a first garment and felting it really couldn't have turned out better. Except it is too wide. She won't wear it the way it is and is considering it a loss unless I can "take it in".

I pinned it where it needs to be but now I need to figure out how to re-attach the fabric once I cut it out of the seams. I think I'm just going to have to sew it with regular thread, but not quite ready for that. I need to plan. If you have any ideas let me know but I think I'm going to be cutting it tonight.

Doesn't that V-neck look great?

She came to see me today and dropped it off. We went sunning and swimming in the pool, out for vegetarian and then swung by my new apartment to drop off a few things. Nice relaxing afternoon Sunday

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Smitten Knitten said...

No one will ever be the wiser :). Great job! Glad the sweater wasn't a loss.