weekend recap - pics later

ok so yes, I was smashed on Saturday at the party and yes I seriously paid for it on Sunday. Yes I cut my hair super short on Saturday morning and Yes that came in handy Sunday morning. No the Belemnite did not get finished in time to where to the party. Yes my brother in law was jealous I had something to keep me occupied while we waited for nearly 270 kids to be called at graduation before my little sister. Yes I love my family, but yes they exhaust me. I spent too much money, ate too much food and got much too little sleep. I passed out on the 2 hour flight mid-afternoon.

Rock-star Susan picked me up at the airport and even swung me by a grocery store for some quick staples. Last night I logged into World of Warcraft for the last time ever. Completely stripped my chars before deleting them and ended up donating 1100 gold to the guild bank.

I haven't received my swap goodies, but I had three packages from Dell on my doorstep so I can pimp my PC over the weekend. Whoever my partner is rocks. I posted a message about leaving for a few days and not wanting it sitting on the doorstep while I was away and they totally listened :D Unless of course it was lost or stolen by crazy neighbor while I was away, but what are the chances of that?

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