Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday. Yay. But it does mean I had a great time Saturday when I went out with a friend to see Mamma Mia! and it was painful not to sing along but I didn't. Then we went with a few more friends for dinner, much wine, much steak, much happy!

I went to comic con on Sunday and was a complete and total geek. I went straight to the Penny-Arcade booth, spent a pleasurable if absolutely nerve-racking (seriously, why was I shaking?) 5 minutes talking to Mike and Jerry. Somehow managed to go off on the awesomeness of Ravelry.com (what? they don't knit! why would I do that? I am such a loser!). The rest of the day was a heavenly fog where I wished I had recorded everything they said because I was so nervous (and self conscious about it) that I can't remember everything they said. I also spent the whole day telling Patty how awesome they were and I really can't believe she didn't stick her circular through my eye.

A few things about my little meeting with them,
1 - I should have had him try on the hat I was making.
2 - I didn't relate to them the details of my previous dream and figured I would have scared the crap out of them if I had. Really is there any stranger you can tell you had a dream about them and they wouldn't freak out?
3 - OMG I totally met those guys!
4 - I am dreaming up knitted goodness to send through the mail. Would that be creepy as well?

On Friday night I wrote this for you and never posted it...

Comic Con is almost half over and I haven't gotten to go yet. I knew I wouldn't. I only have a pass for Sunday but I find myself jealous by all the fellow nerds wandering the streets with their badges and swag bags. Public transit is full of out-of-towners and by full I meaned packed like a can of tuna.

I am in the nerd spirit however. I found a website filled with Firefly and Serenity screen caps turned inspirational poster and I have several new wallpapers. I think I will introduce my roomie to the whole Browncoat world. I think she will like it, but if not, at least she will understand me better.

Yesterday, I realized Mike and Jerry (Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade) would be in town and squealed at my boss that I needed to go stalk the Gaslamp District downtown where all the conventioners would be in the evenings and see if I could find them. I am not insane however and did no such thing. I will wait and have them sign my boobs or something on Sunday :D But serisously, Mike... Jerry... if you see this and are tired of convention goers and want to relax at the home of a local for a little while, maybe watch Home Movies (the animated series, not my ams) or even try converting an Anti-Pokemon send me a little email. I promise not to squeal when you show up on my door.

Ok, now that little display is over, I have downloaded some new Audiobooks from Librivox.org. So far everything I have ever downloaded has been a book I have already read so I didn't have to listen to every word. But I was listening to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Tales of Horror and Mystery and realized I sure don't listen much. I will probably spend all of next week listening to the same chapter over and over again until I really understand what happens.

No knitting today. But I bought to dress patterns yesterday.

I LOVE THEM! Can I say that any more?

C'mon, you all know that is funny!

Bite our shiny metal asses!

Hey, I almost forgot, props to Patty and Nancy! You guys really helped make the day a blast.


spam report

A spam subject I received today...

Upsize your Jackhammer

Wife Accused of Chasing Huusband WWith Ax

I am back and just getting back into the swing of life in my new home. There are plenty of things that I need in my new place. Can't find a backing sheet (foil works for most of my purposes anyway) or broiling pan. I need salt and pepper to fill my sweet Eiffel Tower S/P shakers I got for Christmas one year and haven't been able to use yet. But it is a tight month and they will have to wait. For now I got the basics, cheerios, coffee and merlot.

There are plenty of things I have to do since I got back, but I am taking it slow. I was very well behaved and unpacked all my clothes and did laundry and bought a few grocery essentials so I don't eat out all the time.

Knittersdelight and I went to Mellow wine bar to meet the knitting group last time and for a second week in a row, nobody else showed up. We had a good time, sampling, eating, talking and shockingly little knitting but we can do that at home now that we are roomies with more wine and less money. Though I admit the people watching is much less interesting at home.

Also, My knitting is boring right now. I haven't worked on Juno Regina in ages (to be honest, I had forgotten about it until I looked at my blog today). I took the Aran Accent Vest to both knitting groups I attended this week. The Belemnite shrug is on hold because I am angry at it. And I am making two hats as a set for a couple whose wedding I am attending in August. I already completed one. I have not been knitting on the bus. I have new routes to learn and stops to figure out so I haven't been able to work on any projects as a result.


Waikiki - Finally!

Hey guess who finally made it to the beach!

Because my boss and I are really quite the team we finished our work early. And even bumping up our flight 5 days I still got to have one day off.

I spent the sunny morning on Waikiki beach with every other tourist in town and then did some shopping in the afternoon. Got back to the ship just in time to shower for dinner.

I'll pack and clean up my room then veg to more of Supernatural Season 1 before heading back to San Diego tomorrow.

PS Can there possibly be a paler shade of white? Anywhere? Must be all the time I spent in the tank.


deep in the bowels of the Melville!

I've been working, but I'll be back soon!


buzz buzz busy buzz

Ok so I joined a new knitting group in a wine bar and went home for a wedding on the Fourth of July. Super intense family time (awesome! no seriously, I love my family). I then moved to a new apartment upon my arrival and have been in crazy unpacking mode because tomorrow I go out of town for two weeks on business and I did not want to return to a mound of work nor leave my new roomie (hi roomie!) navigating around boxes during my absence. I have two boxes of miscellaneous crap on my floor that needs to be put somewhere or tossed. My vote is tossed. I have to figure out how to organize my office supplies. They really weren't very organized before. Also I have a garbage bag full of the clean laundry I pulled out of the dryer in my last place that needs put away. Also my closet isn't organized how I would like but it is out of sight for now and I will tackle it upon my return.

Now all kinds of fabulous photos were taken including a mean game of water basket ball in which I sand-burned my elbows in a dive on the beach and took a lot of water up my nose for the team and ended up scoring the winning shot with a rebound from my cousin/teammate. However, I don't have any of those pictures with me (some are on my mother's camera and the rest I don't have time to sort on my own) so you will get them sporadically as they filter in to my possession, but right now you will have to take my word for all of it.


If I don't post sooner I will be back in two weeks.