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Ok so I joined a new knitting group in a wine bar and went home for a wedding on the Fourth of July. Super intense family time (awesome! no seriously, I love my family). I then moved to a new apartment upon my arrival and have been in crazy unpacking mode because tomorrow I go out of town for two weeks on business and I did not want to return to a mound of work nor leave my new roomie (hi roomie!) navigating around boxes during my absence. I have two boxes of miscellaneous crap on my floor that needs to be put somewhere or tossed. My vote is tossed. I have to figure out how to organize my office supplies. They really weren't very organized before. Also I have a garbage bag full of the clean laundry I pulled out of the dryer in my last place that needs put away. Also my closet isn't organized how I would like but it is out of sight for now and I will tackle it upon my return.

Now all kinds of fabulous photos were taken including a mean game of water basket ball in which I sand-burned my elbows in a dive on the beach and took a lot of water up my nose for the team and ended up scoring the winning shot with a rebound from my cousin/teammate. However, I don't have any of those pictures with me (some are on my mother's camera and the rest I don't have time to sort on my own) so you will get them sporadically as they filter in to my possession, but right now you will have to take my word for all of it.


If I don't post sooner I will be back in two weeks.

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Susan said...

Hey Missy May - the churn miss you. Scofield and Hannah say to "come back soon".