Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday. Yay. But it does mean I had a great time Saturday when I went out with a friend to see Mamma Mia! and it was painful not to sing along but I didn't. Then we went with a few more friends for dinner, much wine, much steak, much happy!

I went to comic con on Sunday and was a complete and total geek. I went straight to the Penny-Arcade booth, spent a pleasurable if absolutely nerve-racking (seriously, why was I shaking?) 5 minutes talking to Mike and Jerry. Somehow managed to go off on the awesomeness of Ravelry.com (what? they don't knit! why would I do that? I am such a loser!). The rest of the day was a heavenly fog where I wished I had recorded everything they said because I was so nervous (and self conscious about it) that I can't remember everything they said. I also spent the whole day telling Patty how awesome they were and I really can't believe she didn't stick her circular through my eye.

A few things about my little meeting with them,
1 - I should have had him try on the hat I was making.
2 - I didn't relate to them the details of my previous dream and figured I would have scared the crap out of them if I had. Really is there any stranger you can tell you had a dream about them and they wouldn't freak out?
3 - OMG I totally met those guys!
4 - I am dreaming up knitted goodness to send through the mail. Would that be creepy as well?

On Friday night I wrote this for you and never posted it...

Comic Con is almost half over and I haven't gotten to go yet. I knew I wouldn't. I only have a pass for Sunday but I find myself jealous by all the fellow nerds wandering the streets with their badges and swag bags. Public transit is full of out-of-towners and by full I meaned packed like a can of tuna.

I am in the nerd spirit however. I found a website filled with Firefly and Serenity screen caps turned inspirational poster and I have several new wallpapers. I think I will introduce my roomie to the whole Browncoat world. I think she will like it, but if not, at least she will understand me better.

Yesterday, I realized Mike and Jerry (Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade) would be in town and squealed at my boss that I needed to go stalk the Gaslamp District downtown where all the conventioners would be in the evenings and see if I could find them. I am not insane however and did no such thing. I will wait and have them sign my boobs or something on Sunday :D But serisously, Mike... Jerry... if you see this and are tired of convention goers and want to relax at the home of a local for a little while, maybe watch Home Movies (the animated series, not my ams) or even try converting an Anti-Pokemon send me a little email. I promise not to squeal when you show up on my door.

Ok, now that little display is over, I have downloaded some new Audiobooks from Librivox.org. So far everything I have ever downloaded has been a book I have already read so I didn't have to listen to every word. But I was listening to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Tales of Horror and Mystery and realized I sure don't listen much. I will probably spend all of next week listening to the same chapter over and over again until I really understand what happens.

No knitting today. But I bought to dress patterns yesterday.

I LOVE THEM! Can I say that any more?

C'mon, you all know that is funny!

Bite our shiny metal asses!

Hey, I almost forgot, props to Patty and Nancy! You guys really helped make the day a blast.

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Susan said...

Well I had a blast joining in the b-day celebrations with you this past weekend and even knit night last night - despite old roommie stealing all your attention. lol. Enjoy think n drink. Have two for me tonight.