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A spam subject I received today...

Upsize your Jackhammer

Wife Accused of Chasing Huusband WWith Ax

I am back and just getting back into the swing of life in my new home. There are plenty of things that I need in my new place. Can't find a backing sheet (foil works for most of my purposes anyway) or broiling pan. I need salt and pepper to fill my sweet Eiffel Tower S/P shakers I got for Christmas one year and haven't been able to use yet. But it is a tight month and they will have to wait. For now I got the basics, cheerios, coffee and merlot.

There are plenty of things I have to do since I got back, but I am taking it slow. I was very well behaved and unpacked all my clothes and did laundry and bought a few grocery essentials so I don't eat out all the time.

Knittersdelight and I went to Mellow wine bar to meet the knitting group last time and for a second week in a row, nobody else showed up. We had a good time, sampling, eating, talking and shockingly little knitting but we can do that at home now that we are roomies with more wine and less money. Though I admit the people watching is much less interesting at home.

Also, My knitting is boring right now. I haven't worked on Juno Regina in ages (to be honest, I had forgotten about it until I looked at my blog today). I took the Aran Accent Vest to both knitting groups I attended this week. The Belemnite shrug is on hold because I am angry at it. And I am making two hats as a set for a couple whose wedding I am attending in August. I already completed one. I have not been knitting on the bus. I have new routes to learn and stops to figure out so I haven't been able to work on any projects as a result.

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