short row hats

So the hat I have been making is a modification of the same pattern over and over and modified to my hearts content. While not the same hat, I got the idea from Tychus on knitty.com. I have also recently seen a similar hat on schmeebot.com.

I am using garter stitch in the round and using short rows to shape the crown, then seaming it up with kitchener. I shorted the number of stitches worked in short-rows, picked up stitches and knit garter in the round (tricksy) for Hookah Joe's hat. For the earlier hat I knit more stitches in the short-rows, folded it over and picked up stitches for the earflaps (corners shaped with short-rows of course). There was another one I made in the spring on the trip down to Antarctica, same but no bells and whistles.

(had to remove the picture, going to write up the design for Lonesome Stone Fibers, stay tuned)

Stripes can be created by knitting two rows in each color. That also makes it super easy to tell when you want to wrap and turn for the short-row. For instance, if I want narrower short-row sections, then I may go till only two stitches in the MC are remaining on my left needle. Next time I am at the short side, I go until there are two stitches remaining in the CC. For wider short-row sections I leave only one stitch of the previous color on the left needle. Minimal counting is involved as each stripe is two rows and makes quick visual inspections simple. It is such an easy hat. Very stretchy so it fits any head and easily customizable.

If you haven't yet, toy around with short-rows. It is amazing the things you can do and all the applications they have.


Hookah Joe

I completed another hat. This time I gave it to our second mate Joe. I made it just for him because after the first hat, he complimented specific details. He said he really like the horizontal and vertical components. It is detailed information about preferences like that which inspire me to design a piece for someone. Not to mention Joe has promised to provide me with pictures of his hat on his travels. Joe is much better at traveling than I am and gets a lot more sea time as well so check out his blog if you like to hear about my trips at http://hookahjoe.livejournal.com/

In the world of science we have finally managed to land a few tags. The first fell off almost immediately and was recovered but we were able to place another one. However, it should have been released from the animal at 3 am locally and we have yet to find it over 12 hours later. This is bad bad news. The tags are $20,000 a piece and this is the first with any valuable data on it. Oh well. I am curious how long you spend looking for a $20,000 tag floating in the ocean when it costs $25,000 a day to look. We even reportedly had some airplanes passing over head to look for it. Actually, I suppose if it is the only data to come out of this trip it is work millions. So bring on the trackers!

Back to work.


a few little pics

I'm pretty sure there are alligators everywhere in Florida so this can't be a big surprise, but they had a pond full of them at the mini-golf place I went near Tampa. We were stopped for a few days to try and wait out Hurricane Ike.

I managed to finish a hat for a friend of mine just yesterday. I love it and he wore it all day (even though we are near the Bahamas) getting a lot of compliments. I've already started another hat with my remaining yarn, but it won't be as fantastic as this one was.

We also had to stop in Nassau for a day. Took on a lot of Embassy VIPs and gave them tours. But I managed to get away for a few hours.

Last of all is me enjoying a little time off.


My visit to the Bahamas, for 5 hours.

This is one of the weirdest trips I have ever been on. After leaving
Tampa behind Hurricane Ike we headed East for the Bahamas again. We
stopped in Nassau Sunday and were there all day. Thankfully I got to go
out for a few hours and did some shopping. Some people left and some
people arrived including some VIPs such as the Assistant Secretary of
the Navy, Penn and his entourage. Folks from the Embassy in Nassau came
on board and took tours of the ship (thankfully I was away shopping,
sipping some beers and eating conch for all this).

We took off Sunday night after a beautiful sunset and had a perfectly
calm day out today. It was a first for this cruise and so we all
started very optimistic about getting some tags on. It didn't happen,
but it was still an ecouraging day, whale-wise.

There was however much hump busting for some new experiments that came
on board in Nassau and starting tonight I am going to be on the night shift.

Did I mention the evil bugs in Tampa? I have been covered in bites from
my ankles to my knees and they itch like hell. At the recommendation of
folks on board I have tried benedryl (I fell asleep, that is a no-go),
calamine lotion, hydrocortizone cream and tiger balm (really though?
not for bug bites). When we stopped in Nassau I purchased Aveeno's
anti-itch cream and Extra Strength Benedryl Itch Stopping Cream. The
electrician on board also gave me some kind of topical gel from
Germany. I have no idea what is in it but she swears by it. I have
been applying all three several times a day and I am finally starting to
get some relief. Every once in a while however, I scratch the hell out
of one. I deserve the one right?

I am knitting a hat for my friend and fellow cruise-mate and I am almost
finished. I knit it flat and it is ready to be seamed. He wants
started discussing options with me. Can it have a pom-pom? Earflaps?
I told him I can add whatever he wanted, but lets wait till it has it's
basic shape and we know it fits. Then we can add anything he wants. I
promise to take photos of the final creation.

When all seems lost, stitch.


Not a fan of Florida!

So my ship was tied up in Port Manatee in the Tampa area for 5 days
while we waited out Hurricane Ike. It was not my favorite port. It was
a $50 cab ride anywhere worth going and I got to say, there were not
many places worth going.

I did however manage to have myself a good time, but I think that is
more my ability to find fun anywhere. Went to a beach one night with
some of the crew but the area around the beach closed at 9:30pm. Rather
than call it a night we stopped in the 24 hour convenience store for
supplies and spent the night (seriously, we came in after 4 am) on a
soft white sand beach sitting in someone's beach front hammock.

Another night was mini-golf (live alligators at the course, but I have a
feeling that is nothing unusual for Florida) and Monday Night Football
at a nearby Irish bar called Rasher Tierney's.

Is anyone else as happy as I am that Aaron Rodgers had a better pass
completion percentage then Brett Favre this week? It may have been 20
yards shy of Favre, but who cares? Korey Hall is playing for the
Packers and I spent a lot of time watching him at Boise State. Thank
goodness that jerk Favre is gone so I can enjoy and root for the Packers
**End Aside**

Also I started teaching the 3rd Mate how to knit. Unfortunately it was
on deck during her watch and I was eaten alive by a bunch of little tiny
invisible bugs (I guess they are referred to as noseeums or something
like that) and my feet are driving me crazy. I itch so badly. The
Captain seemed to think that Tiger Balm would be better for it than
Benedryl. Now some of you may know that Tiger Balm is a muscle rub. It
burned. I finally got a hold of some one's private stash of Benedryl
and I feel so much better, even if a little sleepy.

You know what, I'm going to go take a little nap.
Happy Stitching!

When all seems lost, stitch.


I swear I have totally written you!

But I screwed it up and it is gone.

I am on a ship near Florida right now trying to escape the hurricanes
that have been lined up like Rockettes across the Atlantic. We dodged
Gustav and hopefully outran Hanna. On Saturday we hope to be in Tampa
for 24 hours to do some personnel transfers.

Because we are running from the weather, little science has been
completed, but lots of fishing has taken place. I landed a horse-eye
jack and there have been dorados, tuna and snapper. Hopefully there
will be plenty more.

On the knitting front I am making super slow progress on my cabled
vest. I have met two other knitters on board (none of which brought any
projects) and another who wants to learn. As a result, my SOOOPER
awesome roomie shipped a box of knitting supplies to one of the oncoming
personnel (a Marine Mammal Observer that I work with off and on and who
I LURV for helping me out) to bring it on board and save our itchy fingers.

Some interesting items to note, I saw several sperm whales and today saw
a dolphin jump 15 feet in the air. I also saw a pod of them bow riding
this evening. I am in a Ping Pong tournament and I am still getting a
ton of work done. Oh also, some of you will be really super proud of
me, I have been working out. Today I used the rowing machine for the
first time. I loved it but boy did it kick my ass.

Sorry there are no links or pics, I'm writing from email instead of the
web and my resources are limited :D

When all seems lost, stitch.