Hookah Joe

I completed another hat. This time I gave it to our second mate Joe. I made it just for him because after the first hat, he complimented specific details. He said he really like the horizontal and vertical components. It is detailed information about preferences like that which inspire me to design a piece for someone. Not to mention Joe has promised to provide me with pictures of his hat on his travels. Joe is much better at traveling than I am and gets a lot more sea time as well so check out his blog if you like to hear about my trips at http://hookahjoe.livejournal.com/

In the world of science we have finally managed to land a few tags. The first fell off almost immediately and was recovered but we were able to place another one. However, it should have been released from the animal at 3 am locally and we have yet to find it over 12 hours later. This is bad bad news. The tags are $20,000 a piece and this is the first with any valuable data on it. Oh well. I am curious how long you spend looking for a $20,000 tag floating in the ocean when it costs $25,000 a day to look. We even reportedly had some airplanes passing over head to look for it. Actually, I suppose if it is the only data to come out of this trip it is work millions. So bring on the trackers!

Back to work.

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Anonymous said...

You are going to have quite the following of guys pretty soon with all those hats. :)