I swear I have totally written you!

But I screwed it up and it is gone.

I am on a ship near Florida right now trying to escape the hurricanes
that have been lined up like Rockettes across the Atlantic. We dodged
Gustav and hopefully outran Hanna. On Saturday we hope to be in Tampa
for 24 hours to do some personnel transfers.

Because we are running from the weather, little science has been
completed, but lots of fishing has taken place. I landed a horse-eye
jack and there have been dorados, tuna and snapper. Hopefully there
will be plenty more.

On the knitting front I am making super slow progress on my cabled
vest. I have met two other knitters on board (none of which brought any
projects) and another who wants to learn. As a result, my SOOOPER
awesome roomie shipped a box of knitting supplies to one of the oncoming
personnel (a Marine Mammal Observer that I work with off and on and who
I LURV for helping me out) to bring it on board and save our itchy fingers.

Some interesting items to note, I saw several sperm whales and today saw
a dolphin jump 15 feet in the air. I also saw a pod of them bow riding
this evening. I am in a Ping Pong tournament and I am still getting a
ton of work done. Oh also, some of you will be really super proud of
me, I have been working out. Today I used the rowing machine for the
first time. I loved it but boy did it kick my ass.

Sorry there are no links or pics, I'm writing from email instead of the
web and my resources are limited :D

When all seems lost, stitch.


Smitten Knitten said...

Here's hoping you continue to outrun the storms! Happy fishing and stitching :).

BeadKnitter said...

Hope you guys can keep away from those storms! They seem to be multiplying at an alarming rate right now.

Deep sea fishing--my hubby so envies you.

Susan said...

Hannah, Scofield and I all miss you roomie! Enjoy all the sushi you are catching!