My visit to the Bahamas, for 5 hours.

This is one of the weirdest trips I have ever been on. After leaving
Tampa behind Hurricane Ike we headed East for the Bahamas again. We
stopped in Nassau Sunday and were there all day. Thankfully I got to go
out for a few hours and did some shopping. Some people left and some
people arrived including some VIPs such as the Assistant Secretary of
the Navy, Penn and his entourage. Folks from the Embassy in Nassau came
on board and took tours of the ship (thankfully I was away shopping,
sipping some beers and eating conch for all this).

We took off Sunday night after a beautiful sunset and had a perfectly
calm day out today. It was a first for this cruise and so we all
started very optimistic about getting some tags on. It didn't happen,
but it was still an ecouraging day, whale-wise.

There was however much hump busting for some new experiments that came
on board in Nassau and starting tonight I am going to be on the night shift.

Did I mention the evil bugs in Tampa? I have been covered in bites from
my ankles to my knees and they itch like hell. At the recommendation of
folks on board I have tried benedryl (I fell asleep, that is a no-go),
calamine lotion, hydrocortizone cream and tiger balm (really though?
not for bug bites). When we stopped in Nassau I purchased Aveeno's
anti-itch cream and Extra Strength Benedryl Itch Stopping Cream. The
electrician on board also gave me some kind of topical gel from
Germany. I have no idea what is in it but she swears by it. I have
been applying all three several times a day and I am finally starting to
get some relief. Every once in a while however, I scratch the hell out
of one. I deserve the one right?

I am knitting a hat for my friend and fellow cruise-mate and I am almost
finished. I knit it flat and it is ready to be seamed. He wants
started discussing options with me. Can it have a pom-pom? Earflaps?
I told him I can add whatever he wanted, but lets wait till it has it's
basic shape and we know it fits. Then we can add anything he wants. I
promise to take photos of the final creation.

When all seems lost, stitch.

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JJ said...

"When all seems lost, stitch."

Truer words have never been, er, typed.