Not a fan of Florida!

So my ship was tied up in Port Manatee in the Tampa area for 5 days
while we waited out Hurricane Ike. It was not my favorite port. It was
a $50 cab ride anywhere worth going and I got to say, there were not
many places worth going.

I did however manage to have myself a good time, but I think that is
more my ability to find fun anywhere. Went to a beach one night with
some of the crew but the area around the beach closed at 9:30pm. Rather
than call it a night we stopped in the 24 hour convenience store for
supplies and spent the night (seriously, we came in after 4 am) on a
soft white sand beach sitting in someone's beach front hammock.

Another night was mini-golf (live alligators at the course, but I have a
feeling that is nothing unusual for Florida) and Monday Night Football
at a nearby Irish bar called Rasher Tierney's.

Is anyone else as happy as I am that Aaron Rodgers had a better pass
completion percentage then Brett Favre this week? It may have been 20
yards shy of Favre, but who cares? Korey Hall is playing for the
Packers and I spent a lot of time watching him at Boise State. Thank
goodness that jerk Favre is gone so I can enjoy and root for the Packers
**End Aside**

Also I started teaching the 3rd Mate how to knit. Unfortunately it was
on deck during her watch and I was eaten alive by a bunch of little tiny
invisible bugs (I guess they are referred to as noseeums or something
like that) and my feet are driving me crazy. I itch so badly. The
Captain seemed to think that Tiger Balm would be better for it than
Benedryl. Now some of you may know that Tiger Balm is a muscle rub. It
burned. I finally got a hold of some one's private stash of Benedryl
and I feel so much better, even if a little sleepy.

You know what, I'm going to go take a little nap.
Happy Stitching!

When all seems lost, stitch.

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Susan said...

I went to college for one year in Lakeland Florida. People were always calling security to chase the alligators of the back porches. Seriously - we walked around a 1-mile lake for fun there and the alligators were just laying around all during mating season.