short row hats

So the hat I have been making is a modification of the same pattern over and over and modified to my hearts content. While not the same hat, I got the idea from Tychus on knitty.com. I have also recently seen a similar hat on schmeebot.com.

I am using garter stitch in the round and using short rows to shape the crown, then seaming it up with kitchener. I shorted the number of stitches worked in short-rows, picked up stitches and knit garter in the round (tricksy) for Hookah Joe's hat. For the earlier hat I knit more stitches in the short-rows, folded it over and picked up stitches for the earflaps (corners shaped with short-rows of course). There was another one I made in the spring on the trip down to Antarctica, same but no bells and whistles.

(had to remove the picture, going to write up the design for Lonesome Stone Fibers, stay tuned)

Stripes can be created by knitting two rows in each color. That also makes it super easy to tell when you want to wrap and turn for the short-row. For instance, if I want narrower short-row sections, then I may go till only two stitches in the MC are remaining on my left needle. Next time I am at the short side, I go until there are two stitches remaining in the CC. For wider short-row sections I leave only one stitch of the previous color on the left needle. Minimal counting is involved as each stripe is two rows and makes quick visual inspections simple. It is such an easy hat. Very stretchy so it fits any head and easily customizable.

If you haven't yet, toy around with short-rows. It is amazing the things you can do and all the applications they have.

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